15 Concave Bob Haircuts

15 Concave Bob Haircuts


A concave bob haircut is a hairstyle that is longer in the front than it is in the back. Bob hair styles in general are above shoulder length and follow the line of the jaw, but hair cut in a classic bob is all the same length. This style is also known as the inverted bob, the A-line bob or the wedge bob. Layers may be a component of this haircut, especially if the client has thin hair that needs more volume. Layers can also soften the ends of the hair so the bottom of the bob doesn’t look chunky. Those with a concave bob can also change the look of the haircut by parting the hair on one side to make the cut even more asymmetric. This is a fabulous high fashion look with lots of volume and edgy angled shaping that creates a totally modern look. Here are 15 Concave Bob Haircuts.

1. Concave Blonde Bob Hair

Concave Blonde Bob Hairstyles


2. Nice Concave Bob Cut

Nice Concave Bob Haircut

3. Concave Bobs with Different Undercut

Concave Bobs with Undercuts


4. Concave Bob Highlighted Hairstyle Idea

Concave Bob Highlighted Hairstyle


5. Concave Bob with Blunt Bangs

Concave Bob with Bangs Hairstyle


6. Concave Bob with Highlighted Side Bangs Style

Concave Bob with Side Bangs Hairstyle


7. Concave Long Bob Straight Hairstyle

Best Concave Bob Straight Hairstyle

8. Concave Long Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Concave Long Bob Hairstyle


9. Concave Short Bob with Thin Bangs Style

Concave Short Bob Bangs Hairstyle

10. Concave Short Dark Bob Back Hairstyle

Concave Short Bob Back View Hairstyle


11. Concave Short Black Bob Idea

Concave Short Black Bob Hairstyle

12. Bangs with Concave Short Bob Cut

Bangs with Concave Short Bob Hairstyle


13. Concave Long Bob with Bangs for Girls

Concave Long Bob with Bangs Hairstyle Ideas

14. Concave Layered Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Concave Layered Bob Hairstyles

15. Concave Casual Bob Hairstyle for Women

Concave Casual Layered Bob Hairstyle