10 Long Bob Style Haircuts


Bob hairstyle is a classic hairstyle that is always in trend whatever era it is. It is the hairstyle that is generally selected by the professionals or the girls who want to have a charming look. Occasionally bob haircut becomes boring but if you want the sweet look, you have to choose it. But what if you can try some new things with your bob hairstyle, it will absolutely not be boring any more and will give you a unique look from others with the same bob haircut. A big trend in hair is the long bob, not long hair, not short hair, but cut somewhat blunted and just above the shoulders. Here are the pictures of 10 long bob style haircuts which you can try in this year.


1. Long Bob Hair
Long Bob Hairstyles

Bob Haircut

2. Long Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircuts

Bob Idea

3. Bob Hair Idea

Long Bob Haircut

Long Bob

4. Long Bob Hair

Long Bob Hair

Jennifer Aniston

5. Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle

Long Bob Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle

Bob With Bangs

6. Long Bob With Bangs Hairstyle

Long Bob With Bangs Hairstyle


Mandy Moore

7. Mandy Moore Hair Color

Mandy Moore Hair Color


8. Straight Long Bob Haircut

Straight Long Bob Haircut


9. Long Inverted Bob Image

Long Inverted Bob Images


Kristin Cavallari

10. Kristin Cavallari Short Haircut

Kristin Cavallari Short Haircut



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