10 Long Bob Styles 2014 -2015


Here you are the the best ideas for trying new short hairstyle, we suggest you bob hairstyles! With these long bob hairstyles you look really pretty and modern, and you have not too short hair, already easy to use hair type. Long hair sometimes just getting boring and ordinary idea for modern women. We are searching long layered bob cuts, wavy styles, straight and a line bob models. And lots of hair dye ideas for this long bobs; ombre colors, blonde balyages, dark colors… And really easy getting new color on your bob hair, becacuse your hair isn’t fray out. If you want to try something new, you are in the right place. All of the women try these bob cuts at least once on their lifetime. Do not waste your time, and get experience this comfortable hair idea.

1. Long Bob Hairstyle for 2014-2015

Long Bobs Hairstyles Ideas 2014

2. Side Swept Long Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Side Swept Long Bob Hairstyle 2014

3. Long Hair Wavy Bob Cut 2014

Long Hair Wavy Bobs 2014


4. Straight Long Bob Style Idea for 2015

Straight Long Bob Styles 2014

5. Straight Layered Long Bob Style

Straight Layered Long Bob Styles 2014-2015

6. Blondie Wavy Long Bob Style 2015

Wavy Long Bob Styles Ideas 2014-2015

7. Long Dark Modern Bob Style

Long Dark Bob Styles 2014-2015

8. Long Bob Cut with Bangs Style 2015

Long Bob with Bangs Styles 2014-2015

9. Long Bob Style Back View

Long Bob Styles Back View 2014


10. Long Bob Style Side View

Long Bob Styles Side View 2014-2015


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