10 Nicole Richie Bob Haircuts


Looking for Nicole Richie latest bob hairstyles? Check out this gallery! Nicole Richie’s hair color is blond, she loves to dye her hair in different colors, but most of the time, she dyed her hair in brown. Nicole’s favorite haircut is the bob cut, yes, she loves to wear straight bob hairstyle very much. Celebrities are shows us easily which fashion in vogue, and one of the best bob haircut idol’s are here; 10 Nicole Richie Bob Haircuts! She always use bob hairstyles with bangs, sometimes she cuts blunt bangs or layered side bangs. Let’s check these pictures and get inspired!

1. Nicole Richie Platinum Blonde Bob Haircut

Best Nicole Richie Bob Haircut

2. Nicole Richie Bob Hair with Fringes

Best Nicole Richie Bob Hair

3. Nicole Richie Short Bob with Bangs

Nice Nicole Richie Short Bob

4. Nicole Ritchie Pastel Hair Color Wavy Bob

Nicole Ritchie Pastel Hair Color Bob

5. Nicole Richie Ashy Brown Bob with Bangs

Best Nicole Richie Bob with Bangs

6. Nicole Richie Choppy Blonde Bob Hair

Nicole Richie Blonde Bob Hair

7. Nicole Richie Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Best Nicole Richie Bob with Side Bangs

8. Nicole Ritchie Wavy Brown Bob

Nicole Ritchie Wavy Bob Cuts

9. Nicole Ritchie Straight Bob with Bangs

Nicole Ritchie Straight Bob Hair

10. Nicole Ritchie Short Highlighted Blonde Bob

Nicole Ritchie Short Blonde Bob Haircuts


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