10 Popular Reverse Bob Hairstyles


The popular reverse bob hairstyles are big hair news and this most fashionable haircut starts now for new season 2015. The new bob has edgy styles and variations that women and children are choosing for this years cut. The reverse bob also called inverted bob is similar to other bob hairstyles, but is worn tapered around the edge keeping it closer to your neckline. Think about more height at the crown and more tapered in the back. There is relatively little maintenance to keep up a great reverse bob, which makes it a perfect new hairstyle. Here are 10 Popular Reverse Bob Hairstyles. Check them out and choose your next style!

1. Layered Reverse Blonde Bob Haircut

Reverse Blonde Bob Haircut


2. Blonde Reverse Bob Hairstyle

Best Reverse Bob Hairstyles

3. Short Curly Reverse Bob Haircut

Curly Reverse Bob Haircuts

4. Two Tone Reverse Bob Hairstyle Back View

Reverse Bob Hairstyle Back View


5. Layered Reverse Two Tone Bob Hairstyle

Layered Reverse Bob Hairstyle

6. Long Ombre Reverse Bob Hairstyle

Ombre Reverse Bob Hairstyle


7. Reverse Ombre Blue Grey Bob Hair

Reverse Ombre Blue Bob Hair


8. Cool Brown Reverse Bob Hair

Cool Reverse Bob Hairstyles

9. Short Reverse Blonde Bob Hair

Short Reverse Bob Hairstyles

10. Victoria Beckham Reverse Brown Bob Hair

Victoria Beckham Reverse Bob Hairstyles


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