10 Tousled Bob Haircuts


If you’re blessed with natural curls, then you could try this cute tousled bob. It’s full of bounce and body. If you have fine hair, this bob hairstyle is just for you! Also this sexy bob hairstyle is great for women under 30. A lot of celebrity worn this bob cut style like Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Hough, Kate Mara, Cora Keegan, Karlie Kloss etc.. This haircut is gloriously low-maintenance. So, here are 10 Tousled Bob Haircuts. If those are your best feature, it’s a really flattering style for you.

1. Blonde Tousled Bob Hairstyle

Best Tousled Bob Hairstyles

2. Short Tousled Bob Haircut

Chic Tousled Bob Haircut

3. Julianne Hough Tousled Bob Hair

Trendy Tousled Bob Hair

4. Short Tousled Bob Haircut

Best Tousled Bob Haircuts

5. Wavy Tousled Bob Haircut for Ladies

Best Tousled Bob Haircuts for Ladies

6. Kate Mara Short Blonde Messy Hair

Kate Mara Short Tousled Bob Hair

7. Cora Keegan Long Tousled Bob Haircut

Cora Keegan Tousled Bob Haircuts

8. Charming Light Brown Tousled Bob Haircut

Light Brown Tousled Bob Haircuts

9. Soft Blonde Tousled Bob Haircut for Girls

Soft Blonde Tousled Bob Haircuts

10. Dark Brown Tousled Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

Dark Brown Tousled Bob Haircuts


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