15 Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair


Looking for the latest bob hairstyle ideas for fine and straight hair? In this post you will find 15 Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair that you will love immediately! Check these images below and get inspired!

1. Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Fine hair is one of the most workable hairstyles of all so bob hairstyles can be so versatile for fine hair.

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

2. Olivia Culpo’s Bob Hair

Highlights add really nice vibe to your bob hairstyle especially for summer.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

3. Inverted Bob

Inverted bob haircuts are really popular an suitable for women of all ages.

Bobbed Hairstyles for Fine Hair

4. Short Bob Hairstyle for Thin Fine Hair


Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Fine Hair

5. Long Bob Hair

Her as brown hair color and straight long bob hair look effortlessly cool and chic.

Fine Bob Hairstyles

6. Trendy Long Bob

Long bob hairstyles are great for ladies with straight and fine hair especially if you have thicker hair texture.

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-6

7. Highlighted

Here is a layered and slightly angled bob hairstyle that is highlighted with chopper hair color.

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-7

8. Side Swept Bob

Side swept short bob hairstyle look as its best on fine hair like hers.

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-8

9. Round Faces

If you wanna add some texture to your bob hair, this blonde layered bob is nice choice for women with round face.

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-9

10. Balayage Short Hair

Angled short bob hairstyles are suitable for women of all ages.

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-10

11. African American Hair

This layered long bob hairstyle is a perfect inspiration for African American ladies.

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-11

12. For Square Faces

If you have square face and fine hair texture Keira Knightley’s short bob would be your guide.

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-12

13. Ellen Barkin

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-13

14. Older Ladies Bob

We have a really nice bob hairstyle for older ladies with fine hair too!

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-14

15. Rachel Mcadams

Rachel Mcadams’ short bob hair is just a perfect example of how to style bob with fine hair.

Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair-15


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