15 Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Ladies


In case you’re somewhat of a radical or love boho style, today’s gallery of shaggy, extraordinary and choppy bobs is perfect for monitoring what’s hot at this moment. There’s been a major move in hair color inclines this year and there are so many diverse hair color ideas on offer – from splendid copper to taupe with ash-blonde featuring, heaps of styles with silver and white features, summery gleaming blue/sea-green in addition to sophisticated graphite-gray and plum/purple features! So in case, you’re ready for an adventure, we should get moving.

Here are 15 choppy bob hairstyles that we’ve collected for you!

1. Long Choppy Bob Hairstyle

This is another easy to maintain bob that has fantastic texture and movement. The hair is cut in long layers, with close layers at the tips to create that lovely spiky look along the base edge. The profound straight across bangs suit round, oval, heart and long face shapes and there’s only a slight wave to a great extent!

Choppy Bob Hairstyles

2. Choppy Bob Hair

This fab angled bob has loads of the latest hair-fashion features creating a super-in vogue image! The waves are random and restless, with heavily textured tips for a ragged completion. The color is dark-blonde, with medium gold featuring, yet there are also some ash-blonde contacts near the tips breaking away from a ‘beautiful’ look!

Choppy Bob Haircut

3. Choppy Layered Bob Cut

This medium angled bob has fashionably soak graduation from the layered back down to wispy tips simply contacting the collar-bone.

Choppy Layered Bob

4. Long Choppy Bob 2019

This bed-head bob haircut creates a young, carefree vibe on medium or fine hair needing some extra volume.

Long Choppy Bob

5. Medium Choppy Bob Cut

Solid straight lines, with brilliant features accentuating the vertical movement, making this a favorite for women with a round, oval or heart face. The back is teased to exaggerate the profundity from front to back and the tips are heavily textured into sharp shapes to finish an exceptionally fashionable look!

Medium Choppy Bob

6. Back View

Choppy Bob Hairstyles Back View-6

7. Inverted Style

Choppy Inverted Bob Hairstyles-7

8. Short Bob

Choppy Short Bob Hairstyles-8

9. Layered Bangs

Layered Bangs Choppy Bob Hairstyles-9

10. Graduation Layers

Choppy Graduation Layered Bob Hairstyles-10


Choppy Bob Hairstyles-11


Choppy Bob Hairstyles-12


Choppy Bob Hairstyles-13


Choppy Bob Hairstyles-14


Choppy Bob Hairstyles-15


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