15 Ciara Short Bob Hair


We love the “Goodies” girl, Ciara. Ciara has not only a beautiful voice, but also beautiful images. Her hair comes in different colors and styles. Ciara debuted a brand new haircut at the 2015 MTV VMAs: a short bob! While we have always loved Ciara’s long shiny hair, we have to admit, this sleek bob really works on Ciara. Try on Ciara’s bob hairstyles! We provide 15 Ciara Short Bob Hair. Scroll down and take a look at these perfect bob styles!

1. Ciara Short Blonde Bob

Best Ciara Short Bob

2. Ciara Short Straight Bob Hair

Ciara Stylish Short Bob Hair

3. Ciara Short Wavy Bob Cut

Ciara Short Bob Cut Side View

4. Ciara Short Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Ciara Short Long Bob Hairstyles

5. Ciara Short Thick Weave Bob Cut

Ciara Short Thick Bob Cut

6. Ciara Short Short Bob Cut with Dark Roots

Ciara Short Short Bob

7. Ciara Long Thick Bob

Ciara Short Long Bob

8. Ciara Shoulder Length Blonde Bob Hair

Ciara Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles

9. Ciara Shoulder Classy Blunt Bob Hair

Ciara Shoulder Classy Bob Haircuts

10. Ciara Chin Length Curly Bob Hair

Ciara Shoulder Curly Bob Hair

11. Ciara Shoulder Length Straight Bob Hair

Ciara Shoulder Straight Long Bob Hair

12. Ciara Shoulder Modern Long Bob Hairstyle

Ciara Shoulder Modern Long Bob Hair

13. Ciara Shoulder Length Side Swept Bob

Ciara Shoulder Side Swept Bob

14. Ciara Short Thick Hair

Ciara Short Hair Bob

15. Ciara Wavy Blunt Bob Hair

Ciara Wavy Bob


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