15 Great Faux Bob Hair


There’s just something about the make easy of your go-to style that haves branching out a nerve-racking effort. Even so, hair transfiguration is bracing and can make you feel like a stylish new woman ready to take on the world — or at least the neighborhood. While short haired women may with ease employ the use of extensions, those with longer locks believe the only way to go short is to introduce their bob hair to a pair of cutting sheers… But, thanks to the “faux bob style” long and medium haired ladies who’ve contemplated a cropped do can now give the style a test run. Here you are 15 Great Faux Bob Hairstyle to inspire you to get your long hair to short few minutes. Pick your best!

1. Gorgeous Faux Bob Hairstyle

Great Faux Bob Hairstyle

2. Celebrities Faux Bob Hairstyle

Selena Gomez Faux Bob Hairstyles

3. Faux Bob for Long Blonde Hair

Blonde Faux Bob for Long Hair


4. Faux Bob with Long Hair with Ombre

Highlighted Faux Bob with Long Hair


5. Taylor Swift Curly Faux Bob Hairstyle

Taylor Swift Faux Bob Hair

6. Bérénice Marlohe Faux Bob Hairdo

Bérénice Marlohe Faux Bob Hair

7. Marion Cotillard Dark Faux-Bob

Marion Cotillard's Glamorous Faux-Bob

8. Emma Stone Curly Messy Faux-Bob

Emma Stone Faux-Bob Hair

9. Faux Bob for Cute Girls

Faux Bob for Girls Hairstyles


10. Nice Faux Bob Chic Hairstyle

Nice Faux Blonde Bob Hairstyles


11. Wavy Faux Blonde Bob Hair

Wavy Long Faux Bob Hair


12. Dark Curly Wavy Faux Bob Hairdo

Cute Dark Faux Bob Hairdo


13. Faux Bob Idea with Platinum Color

Faux Bob Platinum Color Ideas


14. Marion Cotillard Cutest Faux Bob

Marion Cotillard Faux Bob Hair

15. Curly Dark Colored Faux Bob

Curly Faux Bob Hair



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