15 Long Bob Haircuts for Round Faces


Women have different face shapes and according to it, they can come up with perfect hairstyle solutions. A haircut plays a vital role in your appearance and even a slight change can easily alter your overall look. When choosing a hairstyle you should always pay attention to your face silhouette. When your hair matches with your face you become more attractive and admirable. Today, we devote our article on those females who have round hair and want to try bob haircuts. Speaking frankly, round faces are always cute and if you also have a round face, then get ready to explore the most suitable bob haircuts for your special face. There are women who don’t still want to try bob haircuts thinking that they will emphasize their round face and chubby cheeks. On the other hand, these women like bob haircuts and want to try it. We have the best solutions below and offer you go through our perfect ideas. Bobs are the trend nowadays and if you want to achieve that style of the moment, then we advise you to try shoulder length varieties. This type of option can also be considered as long bob and this long bob is really a smart choice to achieve that beautiful silhouette and the most wanted slimming effect. No matter you are a blonde or brunette with wavy or straight tresses, long bob haircut will suit your round face without any hassle. With the help of long bob you can make your face appear slimmer than it is. We advise you go no shorter than chin length in front in order to maintain your perfect look. Longer angled bob will also help you have slimmer look. Side part bob is a perfect idea and it will never show your face chubbier. If you are also blessed with gorgeous facial features, then long bob haircut will easily make them the focal point. Your eyes will pop up, your beautiful nose and juicy lips will just shine making you cuter than ever. Choosing long bob haircut you will also have a ready-made hairstyle for every occasion. No matter you are going to work or to an evening party, with just a few tricks you can make your long bob look classic or more festive. We have collected top pics of Long Bob Haircuts for Round Faces below, so check these ideas and opt for one of them!

1-Long Bob Haircut for Round Faces

Long Bob Haircut for Round Faces, Wavy Length Olsen Faces

2-Wavy Hairtyle

Wavy Hairtyle, Hair Long Round Gomez

3-Bob Haircut with Glasses

Bob Haircut with Glasses, Hair Bob Lob Faces

4- Wavy Black Hair

Hudgens Vanessa Curly Katy

5-Inverted Bob Hair

Inverted Bob Hair, Bob Hair Haircuts Faces

6- Cute Blonde

Bob Long Faces Round

7- Daily Wavy Look

Bobs Faces Round Medium

8- Simple Medium Bob

Bob Hair Faces Round

9- Very Cute Look

Bob Long Hair Lob

10- A Bit Messier Hairstyle

Round Medium Length Stone

11- Wavy Hairstyle

Medium Round Hair Wavy

12- Gorgeous Wavy Bob Haircut

Faces Round Jenner Face

13- Straight Hair

Bob Long Jennifer Bardot

14- Trendy Style

Face Round Up Bob

15- Cute Blonde Hairstyle

Bob Long Length Blonde

Creating a stylish and sassy look is in your finger tips. As you see there are countless options that can work perfectly for your round face. Who has said that women with round faces and bob haircuts will look even chubbier? Just try longer bob, add some colors to your haircut, make it wavy or straight and you are good to go. Styling ideas are limitless, so never hesitate to update your look and become even more stylish!


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