15 Long Bob Haircuts with Side Bangs


You no longer need to get bored with medium hair. There is an interesting update possible. Introduce some bangs into the world of crazy old bobs. Bangs spice up the oomph parameter making you look sassy, chic and versatile. The long bob, lovingly nicknamed as “the lob”, when paired with strategically cut bangs becomes your go-to whenever you wish to revolutionize your look. We have sorted out Long Bob Haircuts with Side Bangs which are a wonderful choice for women across all ages, face shapes, hair types, and textures. It is elegant, pretty, timeless, and classy. If you are confused about what you should try on, here are some popular choices. Tousled messy bangs in a bold color contrasting with the basic hair color are sure shot fiery way to capture attention. Modern layers and tousled waves create the edgy look that guarantees a few head turns. Flowy side bangs frame the face just like a pretty picture in a cute photo frame. While a long bob with bangs is good, a long bob with side bangs is just fantastic and guarantees rave reviews from friends. Highlights close to the natural hair further make them look ultra- chic and modern. Stacked bob with side bang is a great way to achieve a voluminous look if you have limp hair. Stacked bob creates volume while side bangs introduce waves and fun vibe. This is the best way to achieve full-bodied hair look. Soft Romantic bangs that flow below the chin are a classic way to look feminine and sensual. To add depth, highlight bangs from the center part towards the ends. Ombre technique would further intensify the drama. To get a refined appearance, you can go with sleek angled bob with side bangs. This way you add edginess to your look without going over the top or being too provocative. An added bonus is that it is easier to maintain. Minimally styled bob with side bangs is great to create subtle beach waves. You get to keep your long hair and also incorporate freshness in your appearance. Forget curling irons, flat irons and hot tongs- this style when worn in natural way is absolutely stunning. Choose any of the styles we mentioned and you would be happy you took the risk. A long bob with side bang is a great way to handle thin limp hair and make them appear full-bodied. To personalize it, ask your hairdresser to enhance the cut by making a blend of highlights and lowlights with your natural hair color. If sleek straight, you would get a super elegant look and messy curls would give fun, friendly and cool appearance. Whether your face is oval, heart-shaped, square-faced or round- all types can look great with a bang. An illusion of a long face can be created with vertical bangs while for a round face you can opt for side framing bangs. Bangs are sure shot trending!

1-Long Bob Haircuts with Side Bangs

Long Bob Haircuts with Side Bangs, Reese Hair Long Bangs

2-Lob with Long Side Swept Bangs

Lob with Long Side Swept Bangs, Emma Stone Margot Bob

3-Girl with Messy Black Hair

Girl with Messy Black Hair, Lob Wavy Messy Layered

4-Blonde Bob Hair

Blonde Bob Hair, Bob Haircuts Length Long

5-Layered Hair

Layered Hair, Blonde Lob Bob Layered

6-Asymmetrical Bob Hair

Asymmetrical Bob Hair, Lob Wavy Bangs De

7-Layered Hair

Layered Hair, Layered Length Shoulder Side

8-Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, Hair Lawrence Jennifer Length

9-Cute Hair

Cute Hair, Length Shoulder Layered Bob

10-Red Hair

Red Hair, Hair Cute Emma Updo

11- Blonde Bangs

Bob Long Hair Bangs

12- Cute Look

Length Bob Side Long

13- Daily Style

Blonde Bob Balayage Women

14- Beautiful Style

Bob Girls Bangs Side

15- Cool Bangs

Length Medium Hairtyles Bangs


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