20 Best Bob Hairstyles


Having a good bob hair is all in the length, typically starting from either just under the ears or just lightly brushing the shoulders, or somewhere in between. The bob is a classic hairstyle for women, it’s grown up, sophisticated, sexy, easy-to-wear and suits practically every woman. From sleek and straight, wavy beachy styles and some volumous bobs, this gallery of bob hairstyles is bound to have something that takes your dream. The swingy layers flatter all face shapes. This summer 2015, you may experiment some bob styles that will turn head wherever you go. One good thing about this hairstyle is that it is so easy to style and looks well on people of different ages. Here are 20 Best Bob Hairstyles for inspiration.

1. Bright Hair for A Inverted Bob

Best Hair for A Inverted Bob


2. Rihanna Best Dark Bob Haircut

Best Dark Bob Haircuts

3. Best Curly Light Brown Hair for Bob Style

Best Curly Hair for Bobs

4. Best Blonde Bob Hair Idea

Best Bob Hair Idea


5. Best Curly Bob Wedding Hair Idea

Best Curly Bob Hair Idea


6. Best Blonde Wavy Bob Hair Idea

Best Wavy Bob Hair Idea

7. Best Fine Bob Dark Brown Hair Idea

Best Fine Bob Hairstyles Idea


8. Best Straight Bob Hairstyle Idea for Black Women

Best Straight Bob Hairstyles Idea


9. Best Cute Straight Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Best Straight Bob Hairstyles with Bangs


10. Chelsea Kane Straight Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Best Straight Blonde Bob Hairstyles

11. Best Curly Ashy Brown Bob Hairstyle

Best Curly Brown Bob Hairstyles


12. Best Short Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Best Blunt Bob Hairstyles Ideas


13. Best Permed Curly Thick Bob Hairstyle

Best Curly Thick Bob Hairstyles


14. Best Ombre Bob Hairstyle with Waves

Best Bob Hairstyles with Waves

15. Best Dark Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Straight Hair

Best Dark Bob Hairstyles Straight Hair Type


16. Best Dark Brown Straight Hair Bob

Best Dark Straight Hair Bob Cuts

17. Best Fine Straight Blonde Bob

Best Fine Straight Hair Bob Ideas

18. Best Fine Straight Brown Bob for Black Women

Best Fine Straight Brown Hair Bob Hairstyles

19. Best Fine Wavy Blonde Bob Hair

Best Fine Wavy Blonde Hair Bob


20. Best Vintage Curly Blonde Thick Bob

 Best Curly Blonde Thick Hair Bob


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