20 Best Long Bob Hairstyles 2019


A long bob, or lob, as it is usually alluded to, has persistently been named the hairstyle of the year. It is a much merited acknowledgment on the grounds that the style figures out how to compliment for a wide range of face shapes, hair textures, and compositions. Essentially, the lob is exemplary and general. Locate the ideal variety for you in our exhibition beneath.

Lobs are excellent in any texture – straight and smooth or wavy and messy. You can wear your lob as a downdo, or lift your locks up in a kind of updo or half-up hairstyle – such a significant number of alternatives and there’s dependably a fast and simple styling technique, contingent upon your hair type.

Here are the 20 best long bob hairstyles 2019!

1. Long Bob Hairstyle Beach Waves

This shocking look is incredibly simple to style. Utilize an enormous barrel curling iron with no clip and fold huge segments of hair over a few times, clutching the finish of the piece so it doesn’t get curled. Curling only the midshaft implies very short styling time.

Long Bob Hairstyles


2. Long Bob Hairstyle 2019

At the point when styled straight, a graduated long bob cut gives a hallucination of a developed out bob that happens to look so easily chic. To take the moderate ‘do to the following dimension, keep tresses colored in a strong color or attempt an unpretentious balayage.

Long Bob Hairstyles 2019

3. Cute Medium Length Angled Bob

This long bob gets its restlessness from the front pieces that are significantly longer than the remainder of the layered strands, around over two inches. The peekaboo fair features that edge the face and lighter finishes make this popular as well as amazingly complimenting. Keep hair delicate and touchable with smooth styling creams.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles

4. New Long Bob Straight Hairstyle

Long Bob Straight Hair

5. Best Long Bob Wavy Hair

Best Long Bob Haircuts

6. Inverted Lob Style

Inverted Long Bob Hairstyles-6

7. Long Inverted Bob for 2019

Long Inverted Bob Hairstyles-7

8. Long Hair To Lob Before and After

Long Bob Hairstyles-8

9. Haircut for Thick Black Hair

Long Bob Thick Hairstyles-9

10. Angled Long Bob Length

Angled Long Bob Hairstyles-10


Long Bob Hairstyles-11


Long Bob Hairstyles-12


Long Bob Hairstyles-13


Long Bob Hairstyles-14


Long Bob Hairstyles-15


Long Bob Hairstyles-16


Long Bob Hairstyles-17


Long Bob Hairstyles-18


Long Bob Hairstyles-19


Long Bob Hairstyles-20


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