20 Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair


Thick hairs are blessing by all means. If you’re a girl with thick hair, you can understand the effect of its beauty through the envious attitude of others. That’s okay from their points of view, of course. Because you never have to hassle with what style to try and you can go on experimenting with various haircuts to make yourself presentable whereas ladies with fine hair lack this opportunity.

However, nothing exists without its drawbacks so do the thick hair. It brings you grace, glamour, and charm altogether. But at the same time, you have to deal with its weight and length that need constant care and maintenance for keeping them healthy. Besides, if you’re working lady and find little time on giving proper attention to them, you should do something about it. We mean, you would never want your hair to go waned or thin due to lack of care.

So, what’s the solution? How can you keep on rocking with your thick hair while taking little to no daily maintenance? Try bob haircut! It’s super easy to get, requires less attention and will uplift your entire personality. So, without wasting more time on words, let’s see the following 20 bob haircuts for thick hair that will surely boost your confidence while making you look enchanting to the utmost.

1- Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Bob Haircut for Thick Hair, Bob Hair Thick Brown

The dark chestnut brown over the black hair looks so amazing on this short bob. Shaped in a round format, this haircut adds a character to the wearer’s personality.

2- Hair Balayage

Hair Balayage, Wavy Short Bob Black

3- Thick Bangs

Thick Bangs, Hair Bob Short Hairtyles

4- Angled Cut

Angled Cut, Bob Length Layered Shoulder

5- Blonde Stacked Bob

Bronde Stacked Bob, Bob Bronde Stacked Layered

6- Chic Wavy Cut

Hair Bob Short Hairtyles

7- Platinum One Length Lob

Blonde Bob Choppy Wavy

8- Bohemian Short Hair

Bob Choppy Razored Feathered

9- Cute Inverted Bob

Bob Hair Short Brunette

10- Choppy with Bangs

Bob Choppy Bobs Bangs

11- Angled Bob with Browm Highlights

Bob Layered Wavy Inverted

12- Standard Cut for Thick Hair

Blonde Bob Bobs Short

13- Shoulder Length with Bangs

Bob Brown Length Thick

14- Asymmetrically Highlighted

Blonde Shaggy Dark Short

15- Colourful Angled Bob

Bob Thick Inverted Brunette

16- Stunning Brown Hairstyle

Bob Hair Choppy Brown

17- Lopsided Bob

Bob Choppy Short Hairtyles

18- Light Violet Angled Lob

Bob Length Shoulder Layered

19- Graduated Wavy Hair

Bob Length Medium Choppy

20- Caramel Wave

Balayage Brown Bronde Highlights


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