20 Bob Hairstyles for Older Ladies


Age is not the symbol of your decaying taste, rather it is a number. Therefore, your crossing 40 or more doesn’t mean you can’t go with the trend. That being said, bob hairstyle might be something that can uplift your confidence while making you look more appealing. As an aged woman, you can also opt for colored hair or grey hair or faded hair on the bob hairstyle. This hairstyle has a versatile appeal that will escalate your glamour even after your 40s.

This style is perfect for two reasons; one is its stunning look and the other one is low maintenance on cost, time and effort. If you wish, you can also create your own signature bob hairstyle. Additionally, you can do bob with complementary styles such as bob with bangs, shaggy bob or pixie bob.

In this article, we have put forward a few bob hairstyle suggestions to help you create your own style despite your age.

1- Bob Hairstyle for Older Ladies

Bob Hairtyle for Older Ladies, Short Hair Haircuts 2017

The stunning pixie bob with blonde hair looks amazing on ladies who want a bit of sophisticated look.

2- Ombre Bob

Hair Colour, Balayage Hair Blonde Bob

This is a glamorous bob hairstyle with ombre style.  Try yourself and let it do the magic!

3- Stacked Cut

Stacked Cut, Short Older Pixie Black

This perfect stacked cut might be your ultimate style for getting a different vibe irrespective of the occasions or parties you’ll be attending.

4- White Blonde

White Blonde, Blonde Balayage Layered Choppy

This white blonde is undeniably a superb hairstyle and can reveal a novelty in your personality. So, when you want a more stable look, you can’t go wrong with this.

5- Simple Bob

Simple Bob, Hair Helen Hairtyles Fine

6- Chic Pixie

Pixie Choppy Cut Older

7- Stylish Hair for Older Women

Older Model All Type

8- Popular Haircut for Women Over 60

Hairtyles Length Medium Hair

9- Bob Hair with Light Curl

Short Hairtyles All Type

10- Carrie Anne Hairstyle

50 Bob Over Women

11- Stunning Bob for Older Ladies

Layered Blonde Length Bob

12- Kassie DePaiva Style

Hair Length All Type

13- Martha Stewart

Hair Short De 50

14- Gray Short Bob

Older All Type Face

15- Jane Fonda Cut

Short Hairtyles Hair Older

16- Barbara L. Hairstyle

Swift Dolly Bob Grey

17- Inverted Bob for Older Ladies

Hair Bob Lady 2017

18- Stacked Bob for Women

Balayage Layered Blonde Older

19- Incredible Short Hair

Bob Layered Short Brunette

20- Platinum Wavy Hair

Hair Age Older Women


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