20 Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces


You have a round face? A facial morphology correspondent for hairstyles to highlight features and balance your face. Discover all our tips to choose your new cut without fault and find a custom hairstyle!

1-Bob Hairtyle for Round Faces

Is my face round?

The round face is characterized by a roughly equal distance from the chin to the top of the forehead and from one side to the other at the cheekbones. It differs from square faces in its roundness and lack of angular features. This shape tends to be wider at the cheeks, with beautiful fleshy cheekbones that give an angelic and childish air. This form of face, which is naturally soft and pleasant, easily accepts different haircuts.

Bob Hairtyle for Round Faces, Hair Short Hairtyles Bob

Round face hairstyle: what is the ideal cut?

The goal is to lengthen the face to the maximum, for this, the cuts bringing more amplitude on the top of the head than on the sides are good choices. An asymmetrical or diagonal cut also creates an illusion of length. The ideal is to have long or medium-long hair, always in order to lengthen the face. If the long does not please you, you can choose a short haircut provided it offers a good volume. The large, upward-rooted movements that lift the forehead are also great for round faces.  The round can support a lot of things overall, the important thing is that there is volume, gradient … movement in short!

2-Shaggy Bangs

Shaggy Bangs, Hair Round Bob Shag

Straight, curly, wavy: how to choose?  Curly hair is well adapted to this type of physiognomy because they allow to frame the face with volume and movement thus to reduce the roundness.  You can also wear straight or wavy hair, but always with a good dose of volume.

3-Cute Bob


Cute Bob, Bob Hair Plus Bold

Can we make a bang with a round face?  Yes but not horizontal. The fringe must be curved or asymmetrical to avoid accentuating the width of the face.

4-Messy Blonde Bob

Messy Blonde Bob, Blonde Bob Choppy Hair

5-Soft Waves

Soft Waves, Balayage Bob Hair Faces


Hair Face Round Medium


Hair Bob Short Bobs


Hair Lob Face Thin


Hair Wavy Blonde Bobs


Hair Short Bob Faces


Bob Face Round Hair


Pixie Short Faces Round


Bob Faces Round Girl


Bob Bangs Hair Blonde


Faces Round Beauty Hair


Blonde Hair Bob Bobs


Hair Blowout Bob Faces


Bob Hair Face Long


Bob Hairtyles Hair 2018


Short Hair Round Faces


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