20 Chinese Bob Hairstyles


In Europe, long hair has always been a symbol of rebellion for everyone. The outlaws, the adventurers … Even today rockers and young rebels Antoine and the Beatles etc. Perhaps a memory of the invasion of the Romans, the civilization with short hair against the Gauls and the Goths.

1-Chinese Bob Hairtyle

Reversal for girls, juvenile courts and teenagers, punished with lashes, is simply disapproved by society. It changed recently, I would say 68 in France and by contagion a little later in the rest of the Western world. Nowadays girls can wear hair the length they want without being cataloged.

Chinese Bob Hairtyle, Short American Bob Hair

In China, the story is different. First, it is longer. And in the absolute it is simpler, Bernard Werber had fun in his book of ethnic groups, and we can say by summarizing strongly that I speak of the Egyptian civilization, then Greek, then Roman, then a slow evolution of the Middle Ages towards the Renaissance, then the lights then the various revolutions and finally the modern era.

2-Cute Bangs

Cute Bangs, Bob Hair Chinese Hairtyles

When the English arrived with their hair short, in 1751, the Chinese closed the door. They consider that foreigners are all barbarians, the proof they have visited the island of Tuvalu and there are only savages, so a country further away can only be worse. At first reduced, the exchanges are completely closed in 1792. It is there that we have this not very glorious idea in the history of England to sell opium, because it creates an addiction and that the trade balance will reverse.

3-Fine Hair with Layers


Fine Hair with Layers, Short Bob Hair Asian

Amused to see the little Chinese wear long hair like girls, the English, helped by the French and Americans who want a piece of cake, forbid them during the occupation to cut their hair. This is the time when the Chinese shave the front of the skull but keep their braid long in the back. This humiliation, repeated by the Japanese in 1895, will eventually become a sign of pride for a large part of the population.

The short history of hairstyles as a historical development should care for understand the nature of hair.

4-Asian Bob Style

Asian Bob Style, Bob Hair Short Chinese

5-Chinese Bob Cut

Chinese Bob Cut, Bob Hair Short Styles


Bob Short Chinese Hairtyles


Short Hair Bob Hairtyles


Bob Short Chinese Girl


Bob Hair Chinese Girl


Hair Half White Woman


Blue Bob Choppy Hair


Bob Hair Bobs Bangs


Bob Choppy H Hair


Chinese Hair Bob Short


Bob Short Hair Chinese


Bob Bobs Blunt Bangs


Short Hair Bob Chinese


Sunglasses Bob Short Chinese


Hair Bob Short Cuts


Short Hair Hairtyle Bob


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