20 Choppy Bob Haircuts 2018


Want a breezy, light look for this summer? We recommend having choppy boob haircuts over anything to get the hottest look. It can change anyone’s personality with utmost impact. Such beauty inspiring shoulder length cut can dispel your fear of going for pixie or too short cut as well. We mean switching suddenly from too long to too short tress can be heartbreaking for many. And there, a choppy bob haircut acts like a real life savior. 

Among lots of varities of choppy bobs, girls love a certain types, which include, but not limited to choppy inverted bob, straight cut, shaggy short, tousled bob, shoulder length layered bob, sassy stacked bob and what not!

To help you be more decisive about your next choppy bob, we have brought together 20 of them. See and find the one that suits your personality best.

1- Choppy Bob Haircut 2018

Choppy Bob Haircut 2018, Shag Bob Choppy Fine

This tousled type is perfect for wearing a boyish look. For girls, who are bold enough to show their own personality irrespective of what people might think of them, this style would be a perfect fit.

2- Victoria Beckham Short Hair

Victoria Beckham Short Hair, Beckham Victoria Hair Short

Your sophisticated personality can become more visible and with more force when you incorporate your outfits with this striking hairdo.

3- Dark Blonde Lights

Dark Blonde Lights, Bob Short Choppy Thick

Your brunnette layers can look immacualtely synonymous with your beauty when you couple it with this very fashionable dark blonde lights.

4- Ashy Blonde Choppy Bob

Ashy Blonde Choppy Bob, Bob Layered Tousled Short

Asy blonde is irresistible in terms of its appeal. Try yourself and thank us later!

5- Long Bob Hair with Balayage

Long Bob Hair with Balayage, Bob Choppy Balayage Bronde

6- Jaw Length Straight Brown and Black

Straight Short Choppy Thick

7- Side Swept Layered Style

Bob Choppy Ash Pastel

8- Wavy Stacked Type

Bob Balayage Brown Choppy

9- Two Tiered Brown Choppy Mane

Choppy Bob Short Bronde

10- Long Angled Layers

Bob Choppy Blonde Warm

11- Shiny Blunt Cut

Bob Short Layered Jagged

12- Cute Girl Balanced Look

Short Hair Hairtyles Bob

13- Soft Perfect Waves

Bob Short Choppy Jagged

14- Side Parted Dark Tress

Bob Choppy Shag Short

15- Inverted Volumnious Short Haircut

Bob Choppy Medium Hairtyles

16- Textured Wood Brown Balayage

Bob Choppy Short Angled

17- Lauren Conrad

Bob Choppy Short Bobs

18- Blonde at Best Version

Bob Choppy Blonde Balayage

19- Platinum Wispy Layers

Bob Choppy Balayage Blonde

20- Pink Tinted Blonde

Pink Hair Pastel Choppy


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