20 Different Bob Hair Color Ideas


Coloring your hair a totally new color that you’ve never attempted before can be a little nerve-wracking. In case you’re a brunette, however, you want to have a go at going blonde, it’s conceivable to be uncertain especially on the off chance that you would prefer not to hazard spending heaps of cash to complete it. Or then again, you could be all about being intense and you’re simply searching for new ways to go wild with your hair color.

In any case, here are the 20 different bob hair color ideas and popular ombre hair color ideas for you to look over.

1. Bob Hair Color 2019

Have a splendid and bubbly personality? Select this colorful style and stand out from the group. The style is an ideal combination of ageless (bob) and current (color) elegance. In the event that you look carefully, you can see that the hairstyle features some light blue features, as well. Shocking!

Bob Hair Color


2. Pale Grey Bob Hair Color Idea

Ombre long bob hairstyle with bangs. Pale gray hair isn’t for elderly individuals anymore. Pale gray hair has turned out to be one of the most popular hair colors for more youthful people this year. Go for the dark gray on top and go light on the base. For extra oomph, get some blunt bangs to go with it. You’ll be the edgiest you’ve ever been.

Bob Hair Color Ideas

3. New Long Bob with Highlights

Short delicate curly hairstyle: For those uncertain, if blonde is directly for you, this is a positive development. Start from the base to the top. Gradually work your way into checking whether blonde is the correct color decision for you.

Long Bob with Highlights

4. Brunette Balayage Bob Cut

Brunette Balayage Bob

5. Blonde Balayage Lob Style

Blonde Balayage Lob

6. Red Long Bob Style

Bob Hair Color Ideas-6

7. Cute Color with Dark Roots

Bob Hair Color Ideas-7

8. Highlights for Lob

Bob Hair Color Ideas-8

9. Cute Brown Colored

Bob Hair Color Ideas-9

10. Soft Waves

Bob Hair Color Ideas-10


Bob Hair Color Ideas-11


Bob Hair Color Ideas-12


Bob Hair Color Ideas-13


Bob Hair Color Ideas-14


Bob Hair Color Ideas-15


Bob Hair Color Ideas-16


Bob Hair Color Ideas-17


Bob Hair Color Ideas-18


Bob Hair Color Ideas-19


Bob Hair Color Ideas-20


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