20 Inverted Bob Images


Inverted bob hairstyles are in vogue for a long period. Although every hairstyle has its own grade and specialty, the inverted bob haircut looks clearly different. An inverted bob is tapered short at the neck and left longer towards the face, creating an asymmetrical shape. The hair is often layered to create volume, and bangs can be cut straight across or to the side for an edgier look. The inverted bob haircut sits pretty on curly as well as straight hair. The inverted bob doesn’t require much maintenance. An inverted bob can vary in length from super short to long. A longer bob can reach the shoulder and taper dramatically in the back. So, why not try out some fun and drama? Check out these 20 Inverted Bob Images to get inspired.

1. Inverted Layered Brown Bob Cut

Inverted Layered Bob Cut

2. Inverted Stacked Thick Bob Image

Inverted Stacked Bob Images

3. Dramatic Inverted Blonde Bob Haircut Picture

Dramatic Inverted Bob Haircut Pictures

4. Dark Inverted Curly Bob Pic

Inverted Curly Bob Pics

5. Straight Inverted Bob Hair Cut

Best Inverted Bob Hair Cut

6. Highlighted Inverted Bob Cut for Thin Hair

Best Inverted Bob Cut for Thin Hair

7. Long Inverted Bob Side View

Best Long Inverted Bob Images

8. Curly Inverted Ombre Bob Haircut Picture

Curly Inverted Bob Haircut Pictures

9. Dramatic Dark Inverted Bob Pic

Dramatic Line Inverted Bob Pics

10. Inverted Chinese Brown Bob Hair Cut

Inverted Chinese Bob Hair Cut

11. Two Colored Inverted Bob Cut Back View

Two Colored Inverted Bob Cut Pictures

12. Straight Fine Inverted Bob Cut

Straight Inverted Bob Cut Pics

13. Chic Inverted Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Best Inverted Asymmetrical Bob Cut

14. Chelsea Kane Asymmetric Inverted Bob Cut

Asymmetric Inverted Bob Cut Images

15. Dark Inverted Long Bob Cut

Dark Inverted Bob Cut Images

16. Highlighted Short Inverted Bob Cut

Images of Highlighted Inverted Bob Cut

17. Straight Inverted Bob Cut Back View

Best Inverted Bob Cut Back View

18. Short Fine Inverted Bob Cut

Short Inverted Bob Cut Ideas

19. Wavy Inverted Bob Cut Side View

Wavy Inverted Bob Cut Images

20. Long Inverted Dark Brown Bob with Highlights

Long Inverted Dark Brown Bob Images


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