20 Inverted Wavy Bob Hairstyles


With long front and short back locks, an inverted hairstyle is formed. The good thing about it is it fits almost every girls featuring different facial shapes or hair volume. All traits compile together to bring forward a mesmerizing look. It is akin to the A line, yet different idea. Beacuse we don’t see tapered back in the A lines and stacked layers are like blessings for inverted bobs.

Again, you don’t need to fully chop off all the length of your hair if you feel way too attached with your hair length. Keep it extened and shape like an inverted bob, simply by maintaining a longer length. Otherwise, there is always improved way to adopt an ideal sized inverted bob.

Want to make them interesting? Try having it on your waves. In case, you have straight hair by birth, do ironing to make them little wavier to get the accurate target look. As for inspiration, here are 20 inverted wavy bob hairstyles you can experiment with for wearing a flattering finish.

1- Inverted Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Inverted Wavy Bob Hairtyle, Bob Brown Wavy Inverted

When casual hairstyle is hwat you are aiming to have, look no further than this inverted wavy bob variation. Apperantly, it looks zero maintenance required cut and upon holding the style, you’ll realize the same.

2- Blonde Lights on Wavy Bob

Blonde Lights on Wavy Bob, Wavy Bob Inverted Bronde

The lighter shades on your blonde can be kept in twisted manner so to give the glimpse of a perfect mess. Esay to wear and maintain!

3- Soft Waves

Soft Waves, Bob Wavy Messy Hairtyles

4- Trendy Lob Cut

Trendy Lob Cut, Hairtyles Bob Short Hair

5- Thick Blonde Inverted Bob

Thick Blonde Inverted Bob, Wavy Blonde Bob Ash

6- Red Ombre on Black Mane

Burgundy Bob Balayage Inverted

7- Long Asymmetrical Bob

Curly Bob Long Blonde

8- Short Inverted Waves

Bob Blonde Balayage Wavy

9- Tangled Brown on Black

Hair Balayage Bob Long

10- High Low Wavy Bob

Bob Balayage Wavy Medium

11- Shags on Back top

Blonde Bob Wavy Golden

12- Messy Volumnious Hair

Bob Wavy Short Inverted

13- Soft Look

Bob Blonde Balayage Layered

14- Shiny Casual Hairdo

Bob Length Inverted Wavy

15- Unkempt Layers

Bob Shaggy Choppy Blonde

16- Texture on Upper Back

Blonde Bob Wavy Layered

17- Medium Length Honey Blonde

Wavy Length Medium Shag

18- Add a Color for Charm

Bob Wavy Angled Choppy

19- Wavy A Line Bob

Bob Messy Wavy Line

20- Multi purpose Lob

Balayage Bob Choppy Long


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