20 Latest Trend Bob Hair Pictures You will Love


If you want to update your style and get the look that you have always wanted bob hairstyle is the latest hair trend to nail this. From layered bob haircuts to creative short bob hairstyles here are the latest hairstyle ideas that we have collected:

1. Emily Rudd Bob Hairdo

Messy bob hairstyle with highlights looks really natural and it is perfect for girls with thick hair texture.

Trendy Bob Hair

2. Alba Galocha Bob Hairstyle

Short bob haircuts are still in trends, layering will create a nice texture for both thin and thick hair textures.

Trendy Bob Hairstyles

3. Trendy Bob Hair with Cap

This slightly angled sleek straight hairstyle is colored with light brown color looks so modern and fresh.

Trendy Bob Haircuts

4. Acacia Brinley Clark Haircut

Choppy layering and wispy bangs creates a really nice style for this longer bob hairstyle.

Bob Haircut Trends

5. Nadia Mejia Hair

Choppy layering is always a good idea to create a textured and stylish bob haircut like this pic below:

Trending Bob Hairstyles

6. Long Bob

Longer bob hairstyles are very popular among women of all ages and this one is perfect for young ladies.

Trendy Bob Hair-6

7. Asian Bob

Red long bob hair of Asian woman looks pretty cool and waves are great for thick hair textures like hers.

Trendy Bob Hair-7

8. Blunt Cut

Blunt cut is perfect for fine haired girls who like to make their hair look much more fuller and voluminous.

Trendy Bob Hair-8

9. Blonde Long Bob

Trendy Bob Hair-9

10. Older Women Bob Hair

For older women we recommend shorter bob hairstyles especially if you have thinning hair and gray hair color.

Trendy Bob Hair-10

11. Emily Rudd

Trendy Bob Hair-11

12. Tavi Gevinson

Trendy Bob Hair-12

13. Léa Seydoux

Trendy Bob Hair-13

14. Stylish Look

Trendy Bob Hair-14

15. White Blonde Bob

Trendy Bob Hair-15

16. Brunette Long Bob

Trendy Bob Hair-16

17. Side Parted Bob

Trendy Bob Hair-17

18. Choppy Long Bob

Trendy Bob Hair-18

19. Dark Brown

Trendy Bob Hair-19

20. Honey Blonde Short Hair

Trendy Bob Hair-20

Did you like the chosen bob hairstyles, if so just let us know and be inspired!


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