20 Layered Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Bangs look adorable no matter which occasion you attend and what your facial shape or hair texture is. And you pair this boon with layered bob haircut your overall appearance becomes more charming, and irresistible. Bangs enhance the feminine vibe, and you can hope to get a more enticing look. They demand high maintenance, of course, but you can’t deny how much weight it literally reduces especially if you have a thick hair and less time to spend on hairstyling daily. Layers are basically made to accelerate the process of decreasing volume. So, if you are someone who is looking to add more volume to your mane, your journey doesn’t end here and you can keep your quest on.

On the other hand, for a vibrant and glamorous look, you can always go for a layered bob with bangs. Certainly, they may endow you with a retro natural gesture, and that’s the beauty about this hairdo. Surprisingly enough, where as layers somewhat cut off the volume, a lot of girls with thin hair are wearing them as the means of voluminous look. How? It’s the feathered layers that are famous for producing illusionary texture.

Even more, for a sexy look, choppy layers are second to none. It lightens up the wearer’s personality and makes a vivid appeal to the beholders. You can also think of coloring your layered bob for a more intense look. For more inspiration, here a few suggestions you can follow.

1- Layered Bob Haircut with Bangs

Layered Bob Haircut with Bangs, Bob Short Layered Bobs

2- 2018 Short Shaggy Haircut

2018 Short Shaggy Haircut, Shaggy Short Blonde Bob

3- Cute Bangs

Cute Bangs, Hairtyles Bangs Hair Bobs

4- Blunt Bob with Bangs

Blunt Bob with Bangs, Bob Bangs Brunette Straight

5- Stacked Haircut

Stacked Haircut, Bob Bangs Layered Hairtyles

6- Dark Chopped Mane

Length Medium Bob Black

7- Reddish Brown Thick Tress

Hair Short Bob Hairtyles

8- Messy Red Head

Bangs Hair Bob Layered

9- Platinum Tousled Bold Vibe

Bob Gray Shag Blonde

10- Charismatic Round Bob

Bob Short Hair Layered

11- Cute Copper Shimmer

Hair Bob Bangs Pink

12- Pixie Angled Bob

Short Angled Hair Bob

13- Wispy Bangs

Shag Bangs Short Bob

14- Messy Brunette for Older Women

Bob Blonde Choppy Wavy

15- White Hair Sophisticated Cut

Short Shag Bob Blonde

16- Too Dark Straight Thick Texture

Bob Black Layered Straight

17- Dark Reddish Apricot Blonde

Bob Layered Hair All

18- Inverted Bob

Bob Hair Layers Layered

19- Wavy Stacked Bob

Bob Shaggy Choppy Short

20- Rich Auburn Blonde

Short Bob Hair Straight


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