20 Long Bob Dark Hair


The long bob hairstyle has not got the tag of smart, sleek and young without a solid backup. The soft looking and puffy ball of hair strands hanging from the head really makes one look far younger than one’s age. However, at times, it has also borne the anger for being boyish and taking away the feminine charm that long hair brings. For such women the long bob cut is the perfect retort. The long bob hairstyles are worn on medium length hair reaching up to shoulders. This hairstyle looks feminine and elegant without compromising on the young touch it is famed to report. It is classy and attractive at the same time.

Now, there is no need to copy and get upset if you want the bob cut but do not wish to sacrifice your long-hair-induced feminine charm. The long bob cut hairstyles are there to take care of your delicacy and beauty. The bob hairstyle gives you a carte blanche in the experiment section too. Layers, bangs, frills, varied edges, highlights; the count is endless. You can try any of them. Want to know how does it look on various face shapes in various styles? Leave behind through this gallery of 20 Long Bob Dark Hair.

1. Long Bob Dark Hairstyle for Girls

Long Bob Dark Hairstyles 2014


2. Dark Wavy Bob Ombre Hairstyle

Dark Bob Ombre Hairstyles


3. Dark Brown Balyage Ombre Bob Style

Dark Brown Balyage Ombre Bob


4. Cute Long Bob Dark Straight Hairstyle

Long Bob Dark Straight Hairstyles


5. Long Straight Bob Hair for 2015

Long Bob Hair 2015


6. Lucy Hale Long Dark Ombre Bob

Lucy Hale Long Dark Bob

7. Beachy Waves with Medium Length Bob Hair

Beachy Waves Medium Length Bob Hair


8. Lily Collins Dark Wavy Bob Hair

Lily Collins Dark Bob Hair

9. Medium Length Dark Hairstyle

Women's Medium Length Dark Hairstyles


10. Katy Perry Long Dark Bob Hair

Katy Perry Long Bob Hair

11. Celebrity Shoulder Length Wavy Dark Hair

Celebrity Shoulder Length Dark Hair

12. Long Black Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Long Black Bob Hair with Bangs


13. Dark Hair Bangs with Bob Style for Face Shapes

Dark Hair Bangs for Face Shapes

14. Lauren Conrad Long Angled Bob Dark Haircut

Lauren Conrad Long Angled Bob Dark Hair

15. Collar Bone Wavy Dark Hair

Collar Bone Dark Hair


16. Katharine Mcphee Dark Bob Hairstyle

Katharine Mcphee Dark Bob Hair

17. Vanessa Hudgens Straight Dark Bob Hairstyle

Vanessa Hudgens Dark Bob Hairstyles

18. Dark Long Bob Style with Wavy Ends

Dark Long Bob with Wavy Ends


19. Best Bob Dark Hair Color for Spring 2015

Best Bob Hair Colors for Spring 2015


20. Highlights for Dark Brown Layered Bob Hair

Highlights for Dark Brown Bobbed Hair



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