20 Long Bobs Hairstyles 2014 – 2015


Not too short, not too lengthy, the long bob is still Hollywood’s cut of choice. Long bob hair styles for women are sure to bring a revolutionary change in your appearance. The extensive hairstyle range in long bob will surely match your gracious attitude perfectly. Normally hairstyles change with season, area, and culture. But there are very few hairstyles which stay fashionable and favorite all the time. Long bob haircut is one of them. Here you will find 20 Long Bobs Hairstyles 2014 – 2015 for women that will absolutely match with your delight and choice of style.

1. Long Blonde Inverted Bob 2014-2015

Long Blonde Bob 2014


2. Long Wavy Blonde Bob Hairstyle 2014

Long Wavy Bob Hairstyles 2014-2015


3. Long Dark Bob Haircut 2015

Long Bob Haircuts 2014-2015


4. Cutest Long Bob Haircut and Side Bangs 2014

Long Bob Haircut and Side Bangs 2014

5. Long Straight Blonde Bob Haircut 2015

Long Straight Bob Haircut 2015

6. Inverted Long Straight Bob Haircut 2015

Inverted Long Bob Haircut 2015

7. Inverted Long Wavy Ombre Bob Haircut 2015

Inverted Long Wavy Bob Haircut 2015


8. Long Wavy Dark Bob Hair

Long Wavy Bob Hairstyles 2015

9. Long Bob Straight Brown Hair

Long Bob Straight Hairstyles 2014-2015

10. Cutest Long Bob Thick Hair

Long Bob Thick Hairstyles 2015

11. Platinum Blonde Shaggy Long Bob Hair

Platinum Blonde Long Bob Hairstyles 2015

12. Charming Blonde Long Bob Hair

Blonde Long Bob Hairstyle 2014

13. Side Swept Long Fine Bob Hair

Side Swept Long Bob Hairstyles 2015

14. Long Angled Black Bob Hair

Long Angled Bob Hairstyles 2015


15. Modern Long Straight Bob Hair

Modern Long Bob Hairstyle 2014


16. Long Asymmetrical Inverted Bob Hair

Long Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts 2015


17. Modern Long Bob Hairstyle 2015

Modern Long Bob Hair 2014-2015

18. Cool Long Highlighted Bob Hair 2015

Cool Long Bob Hair Ideas 2015


19. Cute Long Fine Bob Hair

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2014

20. Long Blonde Bob Hair Back View

Long Bob Hair Back View Look 2015



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