20 Long Curly Bob Hairstyles


The degraded cut for long curly hair

This time, the degraded cut is preferred for those with very long and curly hair.  Degrading or tying the curly hair helps to lighten them, which makes the haircut less “loaded”.  However, unlike the full cut for long and curly hair, the degraded cut, it allows to play on volumes.

1-Long Curly Bob Hairtyle

The bangs for long curly hair

If you decide to bring a little pep to your wavy hair, think about the bangs! It is absolutely forbidden for girls with long and curly hair to make a short bangs because in case of humidity, the length of the bangs will “go up” and the result a real cataclysm! And to help you find the haircut for long curly hair, discover without delay the most beautiful pictures that Cosmo has spotted!

Long Curly Bob Hairtyle, Bob Curly Hair Long

Because we are not all lucky enough to have curly hair. Thanks to the permanent hair of course! But the perm is for whom? How much does it cost and how long does it last? All our answers to curl his hair without a fuss.  Having curly hair is the dream of every girl.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not necessarily generous with everyone and some find themselves with hair all flattened while they would like big curls airy. But it was not counting on the magic of the permanent hair!  To help you see more clearly before breaking (or not) for permanent hair, we answer all your questions.

2-Curly Braids

Curly Braids, Hairtyles Hair Short Bob

In reality, it is neither more nor less than a setting, to create loops.  The hairdresser, after wrapping your hair around curlers, will apply a product to fix this rounded shape. And after the necessary break time, we remove the curlers and apply a lotion that will tighten the scales of the hair and fix it in its new form.

3-Medium Length Cut

Medium Length Cut, Curly Hair Length Medium

4-Cute Blonde Curly Hair

Cute Blonde Curly Hair, Curly Hair Styles De

5-Natural Curly

Natural Curly, Curly Hair Bob Long


Curly Bob Highlights Bronde


Curly Layered Hair Length


Curly Bob Bronde Short


Curly Hair Short Styles


Hair Curly Perm Curls


Curly Hair Short Bob


Hair Hairtyles Curly Bangs


Length Medium Shoulder Hair


Bob Curly Brown Hair


Curly Bob Hair Inverted


Hair Bangs 35 Back


Curly Bob Dark Longer


Curly Hair Bob Curls


Curly Bob Long Curls


Hair Blonde Balayage Long


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