20 New Bob Hair


New bob hairstyle cuts are ready for you now. In this 2016, hair bob is still being the trendy one. This is a comfy and very charming hairstyle that goes with almost all face shapes. You should just choose the right style of a bob for your face frame and you are done with a trendy look. If last year we had a play with bang and layers, now some hair stylish focus on the color and effect. The color references of it are red, blue, green, and pink. Here you’ll be able to find 20 New Bob Hair. Let’s have a look at them for inspiration.

1. New Bob Wavy Hairstyle

Best New Bob Hairstyles

2. New Ombre Bob Haircut

New Wavy Bob Haircuts

3. New Dark Bob Haircut

New Trendy Bob Haircut

4. The New Graduated Straight Bob Haircut

The New Graduated Bob Haircut

5. New Soft Wavy Bob Hair

New Bob Hair 2015

6. New Straight Brown Bob Hairstyle

New Straight Bob Hairstyles

7. New Straight Bob Haircut Back View

New Bob Haircuts Back View Look

8. New Dark French Bob Haircut

New French Bob Haircut

9. New Long Shaggy Bob Haircut

New Long Bob Haircut

10. New Wavy Bob Hair with Fine Bangs

New Wavy Bob Hair with Bangs

11. Lily Colins Wavy Short Bob Hair

Wavy Short Bob Hair Styles

12. Short Headbanded Bob with Curly Ends

Best Short Bob with Curly Ends

13. Celeb Straight Long Bob

Straight Long Bob Hair

14. Soft Wavy Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Soft Wavy Blonde Bob Hair

15. New Straight Dark Bob

New Straight Bob Hair

16. Side Bangs Shaggy Bob Hair

Side Bangs Bob Hairstyles

17. New Thick Dark Bob Hair

New Thick Bob Hairstyles

18. Bright Red New Inverted Bob Hair

Bright Red New Bob Hairstyles

19. Slicked New Blunt Bob Hair

Slicked New Bob Hairstyles

20. Classy New Highlighted Bob Hair

Classy New Bob Hair Styles


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