20 Pictures Of Graduated Bob Hairstyles


A beautiful graduate hair with relaxed curls, the dream! A dream much easier to achieve than you think, because contrary to what we can think, waving his hair is very easy!  Here are 10 simple tips to wander your hair easily.

1-Picture of Graduated Bob Hairtyle

When your hair is still wet or slightly wet, make one or more braids, depending on the size of the waves you want to get. Ideally, if you have time in front of you, let your hair dry in the open air. If you are in a hurry, use a hair dryer. When you untie your braids, magic: you will have beautiful waves!

Picture of Graduated Bob Hairtyle, Bob Blonde Bobs Graduated

Permanent with loops less marked

Too round, too fixed or frizzled poodle, those who have the coast now want to be wider, relaxed and more flexible. Made by professionals with more or less large rolls (there are all sizes to stick to the best of the person’s tastes and modulate the loops), they provide a more natural look, which is very close to the wavy graduate effect.

2-Stacked Graduated Bob

Stacked Graduated Bob, Bob Hair Bobs Angled

Less aggressive formulas

The second thing that should end up convincing us is the composition of the new permanent. These contain much less ammonia than before and therefore less damage the hair and scalp.

3-Victoria Beckham Bob

Victoria Beckham Bob, Bob Hair Graduated Hairtyles

An advantage that, of course, should not cancel the hair care to do after the graduate and daily maintenance.  What maintenance for hair life?  Moisturizing and nourishing one’s hair daily with appropriate care remains essential because curly hair, whether natural or artificial, remains manes with a dry tendency.  For beauty follow-up at home, Loïc Masurel, ambassador hairdresser Revlon Professional, recommends adapting shampoo and mask to the nature of our hair. If we are rather trendy natural products, we can bet on vegetable oils (almond, jojoba, argan) or shea butter that are very good for moisturizing, soften the hair and bring shine.

4-Chic Blonde Balayages

Chic Blonde Balayages, Bob Blonde Short Graduated

5-Modern Hair Cut

Modern Hair Cut, Bob Short Graduated Hairtyles


Bob Pixie Graduated Hair


Hair Bob Blonde Short


Bob Layered Back Graduated


Bob Short Long Layered


Bob Blonde View Back


Bob Length Hair Chin


Bob Short Hair Graduated


Bob Length Layered Medium


Bob Short Layered Parted


Layered Bob Brown Haircuts


Bob Layered Short Silver


Bob Blonde Caramel Bobs


Bob Hair Back Color


Bob Pink Hair Graduated


Hair Bob Short Pixie


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