20 Pixie Bob Hairstyles


If you’re having long hair for ages, going with a short hair ideas may seem a nerve racking experience. We heard of some ladies who even goes wild seeing their unexpected look after a makeover with short hairstyle. Hey, ladies! We aren’t finished. Granted, they have gone through a disaster, but that also was the consequence of unplanned styling. What you can do to avoid such awkward outcome instead is researching on a little bit deeper level before you go under the scissors of your hairdresser.

So, let’s start talking about short hairstyling. As for now, we’ll be covering pixie bob hairstyles. They are popular these days due to their flattering as well as game changing impact on almost all face shapes, hair textures and complexions. Some of them may require regular treating to get the desired vibe. But since they look adorable and effortlessly chic, hardly any woman could go without adopting a pixie bob.

From red carpet celebrities to the school going girls almost each one of them, at some point of their life, has tried adding a character to their personality with pixie bob hairstyles. Some even go as far as complementing the look with a side bang that surely brings a sweet, smooth finish to the overall appearance. If you’ve also fall for the pixie bob hairstyle, check out the following 20 ideas and choose the one that’ll suit your persona best.

1- Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Pixie Bob Hairtyles, Hair Short Hairtyles De

For the first timers trying a pixie bob, opting for this hairstyle can be the best turning point of their entire styling norms. It demands keeping the hair way too short, so comfort in summer is guaranteed. It requires nearly zero adjustment to follow before outing, hence, a real time saver. Combing it side parted, you can simply steal continuous glances from your crush even amidst a crowd. Overall, we could talk all day and night about its beauty and impact on the beholders. So, try it babe and be ready to rock the floor! 😉

2- Short Hair for Women with Glasses

Short Hair for Women with Glasses, Short Pixie Hairtyles Long

Glass wearing girls, less or more, face a challenging situation when it comes to styling their short hair. They either can’t have the bangs due to the interrupting effect of the glass frame or long bob doesn’t suit them in all occasions. If you’re also riding on the same boat of confusion and waiting to reach the shore at any cost, this short hairstyle can be your lifesaver. Because it will eliminate all those irritating ideas of covering your eyes every now and then that most of the other hairstyles used to do.

3- Sexy Bob Hair

Sexy Bob Hair, Short Pixie Sexy Bob

4- Layered Hair

Layered Hair, Pixie Short Hair Layered

5-Michelle Williams Long Pixie Bob

Michelle Williams Pixie Bob Hair, Williams Michelle Hair Short

6- Blonde Pixie Bob

Short Bob Hair Hairtyles

7- Low Maintenance Thick Asymmetrical Bob

Short Messy Hair Pixie

8- New hair color Idea 2018

Pixie Bob Short Purple

9- Dark Brown Short Bob with side Bangs

Pixie Long Short Hair

10- Fascinating Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Blonde Bob Balayage 60

11- Asymmetrical Short Bob Side view

Bob Blonde Short Balayage

12- Cute and Sassy Blonde

Short Bob Hairtyle Hair

13- Medium Short Blonde with Black Roots

Short Pixie Layered Cut

14- Edgy Look

Short Bob Hair Women

15- Short Blonde for Fine Hair

Short Hair Fine Pixie

16- Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

Short Hair Bob Pixie

17- Long Pixie Bob

Bob Pixie Brown Hairtyle

18- Stacked Bob Over the Ears

Bob Layered Over Short

19- Pixie Bob Haircut Dominique Sachse

Short Bob Pixie Hairtyle

20- Pixie Cut for Round Faces

Hair Short Pixie Haircuts


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