20 Short Stacked Bob Haircuts


Stacked Bob is a versatile haircut. Anyone can have it on their hair without thinking to look odd, no matter how thick or thin hair they have owned. In fact, fine hair can get more volume with a little bit of added texture with this hairstyle. Coloring your stacked bob is just another option many girls love with their look.

Besides, you’ll find cutting your mane short to give it the shape of a stacked bob worthy in different occasions as well. the positivity lies in its popping up your appearance. Apart from that, you can go for additionals such as doing ombre or highlighting your stacked bob according to your preference.

As for now, let’s see how the following 20 examples of short stacked bob haircuts look on different facial shapes. Have a look on them before you have it in real.

1- Short Stacked Bob Haircut

Short Stacked Bob Haircut, Pixie Short Long Hair

This stacked bob hardly touches the jawline. Too short to require some kind of maintenance. It looks good on girls with glasses. Perfect to get a cute yet impressive look without much trouble.

2- Super Short Stacked

Super Short Stacked, Short Stacked Hair Bob

When looking cool from behind is as important to you as it’s from the front of your face, this super short stacked can be your best saviour. The top of your head will get some caramel brown color to make it more than enchanting.

3- Caramel Color

Caramel Color, Bob Short Caramel Bobs

Wanna get a sassy look that scarcely fails to attract the surroundings’ attention? Try this mindblowing caramel variation of the short stacked bob and you’ll thank us later.

4- Stacked Hair

Stacked Hair, Bob Stacked Hair Short

5- Undercut for Women

Undercut for Women, Short Bob Stacked Undercut

6- Pink Bob

Hair Gold Short Rose

7- Side Parted Short Hair

Hair Short Choppy Long

8- Bohemian Ombre Cut

Wavy Length Choppy Bob

9- Platinum Stacked Hair

Blonde Bob Platinum Bobs

10- Light Brown Smart Look

Bob Stacked Fine Short

11- Grey Stacked Inverted Bob

Pixie Bob Short Layered

12- Graduated Lob

Bob Red Balayage Hairtyles

13- Red wine Highlight Hair

Bob Hair Stacked Short

14- Layered  Bob

Bob Layered Hairtyles Blonde

15- Trendy Inverted Bob Cut 2018

Bob Blonde Bobs Dos

16- Stacked Short Cut for Thick Hair

Hair Layered Bob Texture

17- Gorgeous Very Short Bob

Pixie Short Choppy 50

18- Bob for Women Over 60

Short Bob Stacked Blonde

19- A Line Stacked Hairstyle

Bob Stacked Layered Brunette

20- Back View of Short Blonde

Bob Back Short Honey


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