20 Shoulder Length Angled Bob Hairstyles


Chop it, style it and flaunt it! The stunning bob hairstyles are ruling the world of fashionistas who are more than willing to experiment. And the icing to the cake of eccentric makeovers is shoulder length angled bob hairstyles. Now we offer you to explore our list of Shoulder Length Angled Bob Hairstyles that can help you create a timeless look like Miranda Kerr or achieve an elegant panache like Jennifer Lopez or flaunt the edgy versions of you just the way Rihanna and Selena Gomez does. The asymmetrical shoulder length angled bob has always been a favorite hairstyle among women and pop divas. It is easy to maintain, glams up the whole look adding that spectacular stunning aura to the overall personality. Angled bobs suit various types of face shapes, body types, and hair textures. Highlights add a certain depth to the look, and further up the oomph factor. The biggest misconception about bobs is that it suits only the girls with petite frame. Properly cut and delicately angled bobs suit the girls with heavier frames too. And in fact, shoulder-length angled bobs make you look younger. To flatter your personality further, you can mix and match between highlights and lowlights. There are various ways in which you can carry a bob look:  Beach wave styled hair are not restricted to long locks. Try it on angled bob and you’ll end up with an amazing style. To avoid looking way too harsh and add softer tones, supplement your hair with a touch of texture. If voluminous hair is the enemy for your face type, try breezy soft curls below the chin. For a square-shaped face, long side bangs work wonders in softening the edges. Limp hair always ends up sucking the life out of a fun look but can be easily combated by introducing a subtle wave that gives movement to the chic haircut. Marion Cotillard’s look can be achieved through a sophisticated angled brunette bob. It accentuates cheekbones and adds a contoured look to the face. Styling any type of bob hairstyle is pretty easy. Damp your hair with a high-end anti-frizz serum. Next, blow dry your hair using a flat boar bristle brush. If you wish to create a sleek smooth professional look, flat iron your hair completely. To add a bit fun, leave a strip of the side bang wavy. For a date by the beach or a day out with your girlfriends, create soft curls at the ends and brush them after you are done. You get that sexy just-out-of-bed look. Always finish off by spraying an anti-frizz spray to tame the flyaways. It is time you shed away your inhibitions about the angles bob and step out of the comfort zone. Don’t let monotony rule your hair. Let your hair have some fun too and look through our pictures below.

1-Shoulder Length Angled Bob Hairstyles

Shoulder Length Angled Bob Hairtyles, Bob Long Angled Hair

2-Brown Balayage Hair

Brown Balayage Hair, Hair Balayage Brown Highlights

3-Blonde Bob Hair

Blonde Bob Hair, Bob Long Hair Style

4-Easy Hair

Easy Hair, Length Hair Shoulder Easy

5-Blonde with Brown Underneath

Blonde with Brown Underneath, Blonde Underneath Hair Long

6- Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

Bob Long Angled Lob

7- Straight Bob with Fringe

Bob Long Bangs Hairtyle

8- Straight Hair

Bob Blonde Bobs Length

9- Choppy Hairstyle

Bob Hair Layers Brown

10- Wavy Hair

Thin Lucy Hale Full

11- Long Bangs

Black Lob Bob Layered

12- Bob Hair with Lowlights

Bob Hair Lob Short

13- Swoopy Layered Bob

Blonde Layered Balayage Medium

14- Angled Bob Hairstyle

Blonde Balayage Hair Razor

15- Messy Hairstyle

Bob Angled Brown Wispy

16- Curly Hair

Hair Layers Length Wavy

17- Wavy Angled Bob

Hair Blonde Lob Hairtyles

18- Asymmetrical Bob

Bob Hair Brown Fine

19- Face-framing Bob Hairstyle

Blonde Balayage Ash Hair

20- Wavy Bob

Hair Silver Length Shoulder


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