Bob Hairstyles

20 Updos for Bob Hairstyles

Who says updos are for long hair and you can’t think of adorning your bob with updos? Proving the statement that only long mane is ideal for updos, hairstylists have discovered hundreds of hairdos to be done on your bob, and surprisingly enough all of them are related this way or that to updos. Sounds amazing, huh!

Traditional high ponytail or blunt bob doesn’t need to be your permanent hairdo on your short mane. You can happily keep your short hair just above your neck in an organized manner and look ravishing. Here are 20 updo ideas for bob hairstyles to bring glamor at home.

1- Updo for Bob Hairstyle

Updo for Bob Hairtyle, Short Hair Hairtyles Bob

The braid on your side head can give a charming makeover to your locks and also impact your overall appearance. This elegance can only be best achieved on your blonde, though!

2- Short Hair Wedding Updo

Short Hair Wedding Updo, Short Updo Hairtyles Hair

Change your look to something chic as well as modern with this zigzag style bob above your neck. The hairdo, however, begins with the braids made on upper head. Perfect to complement your wedding attire.

3- Classy Updo

Classy Updo, Short Bob Nape Hair

When you are aiming to induce enthusiasm ar its best form, nothing can beat this classy updo. Its best look can be enjoyed from the back, and by keeping the hairs unreached from your neck, it becomes an ideal choice for summer.

4- Lucy Hale Braided Updo Bun

Braided Updo Bun, Curly Updo Bob Lucy

On your ombre hair, this updo bun is going to add a dramatic vibe.

5- Cute Short Hair Bun

Cute Short Hair Bun, Short Pixie Undercut Cut

6- Bridesmaid Loose Hairdo

Hair Wedding Bridal Updo

7- Messy Balayage

Hair Balayage Bob Updos

8- Complex Knots

Bad Day Updo Easy

9- Braid Made on Top Head

Short Hairtyles Hair Bob

10- Simple Style for Casual Outing

Bob Updos Short Brunette

11- Stunning Style for Wedding

Updo Hair Blonde Hairtyles

12- Sophisticated Smooth Party Look

Short Hair Hairtyles All

13- Intertwined Waves for Formal Gatherings

Short Updo Wedding Hair

14- Special Rolled Twists on Side

Bob Updo Messy Short

15- Timeless Glam

Bob Short Hair Hairtyles

16- Messy Fallen Faux

Updo Messy Long Hairtyles

17- Art on Blonde

Updo Hair Wedding Hairtyles

18- Low Maintenance

Updo Bob Updos Messy

19- Middle Parted Hair with Dual Rolls

Hair Updo Faces Round

20- Tousled Balayage for Sassy Vibe

Updo Messy Updos Short

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