23 Best Long Bob Haircuts 2018


Long Bob, also known as, Lob is currently the prevailing trend among ladies with love for newness. This type of hair is so fit for all occasions that girls are choosing it closing their eyes and rocking the season. It has a lot of variations. Besides, you can couple it with different hair colors and look ravishing.

Depending on the length and volume, you can change it from time to time. Freshen up your appearance with either a lob just above the shoulders or just below. Opting for shoulder level is also a cool idea if you have a good texture hair.

In case of curly hair, you may think of ignoring the desire to go for a long bob. But wait, you still have chance to look truly perfect going against the traditional dumb hair “rules”. Yes, you heard it right. Wear a triangular bob on your curls with baby bangs and look the best of your version.

Apart from the advantage of low maintenance, these stylish as well as empowering  hairstyles can make you feel good throughout the day. In this guide, you’ll see 23 best long bob haircuts trending in 2018. Select any of them and you can look amazing in your every incoming evening.

1- Long Bob Dark Haircut

Long Bob Haircuts, Bob Long Dark Color

On your straight long hair, that tinge of brown towards the end of your mane will look phenomenon. Divide the hair equally into two sections and let them sit on your chest, shorter length may reach up to the shoulder, though! In special occasion, you can also pin them behind, apply required amount of hair spray to secure in place. In fine, you won’t find much hairstyles that are so pretty and easy to pull off.

2- Platinum Long Blonde Shade

Blonde Hair, Blonde Bob Medium Platinum

This platinum blonde shade is so impactful that you can’t go without being unnoticed no matter what sort of crowd you’re passing through. The angled end is the highlight in this style. Ladies with natural black mane may find it daunting to say “Yes” to it, but you can’t disagree its charm once materialized. Not for the faint of heart, this hairdo is gonna enhance your glamour in every bit.

3- Cute Bun for Shoulder Length Hair

Bun Hair, Bun Hair Up Day

Your hair won’t need to endure a lot to lend you a  chic, cool look. A simple bun on the top of your head while keeping the rest of the hair fall over the shoulder is enough to bring your appearance to the another level. Give it a try and see the magic!

4-Brown Balayage Hair Color

Brown Balayage Hair Color, Hair Balayage Lob Brown

5- Shoulder Length Layered Hair

Layered Hair, Bob Balayage Length Medium

6- Priyanka Chopra

Hair Lob Jenner All

7- Long Bob Black Roots

Lob Bob Balayage Hair

8- Shiny Casual Look

Medium Short Hair Women

9- Sassy Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Short Hair Bob Long

10- Victoria Beckham Long Bob 2018

Bob Long Tilbury All

11- Cute Long hairstyle

Bob Long Blonde Hairtyles

12- Rough and Sensational Look for Thick Hair

Long Bob Below Part

13- Line Haircut for Thin Hair

Blonde Hair Bronde Thin

14- Ombre Straight and Wavy Versatile Hairdo

Hair Bob Long Short

15- Stunning and Classy Hairstyle for Women

Bob Haircuts Long Blunt

16- “I woke up like this” Hair

Office Girl Daily Trend

17- Long Wavy Hair with Short Layer

Balayage Long Blonde Hair

18- Long Blonde Bob with Black Roots Side View

Blonde Bob Layered Balayage

19- Edgy All occasion Long Bob Hair Idea

Bob Hair Long Inverted

20- Balagaye Shoulder Length Hair Side View

Hair Haircuts Balayage Bob

21- Black to Brown Ombre

Ombre Hair Black Balayage

22- Medium Length Dark Hair

Dark Tee De Uma

23- Butter Platinum

Blonde Bob Platinum White


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