23 Bob Length Hairstyles


In simple terms, bobs are blessings, and the hottest kind of hairstyles. In fact, the length of your hair wouldn’t matter when it comes to have a charming and gorgeous looking hairdo. Beacuse lob aka long bob will alwasy be there to so-p your desire to have a bob on your extended tress. Other than that, a blunt cut levelling with your jaw is the ideal type of bob haircut.

Turn your simple bob party ready adding a twist on any of your side face. With frint bangs, you’ll get a vintage look which never gets old. For a sleeker appearance, go for middle parted light brown bob. And bobs on blodes are simply epic!

In case, you want a ravishing appearance withour doing much with your mane, try the tousled bob. It’s great beyond descriptions and its striking appeal goes on for days. Little maintenance is what we are referring to as its best side. And when you’re aiming to look your facial features more distinctive, the charm of super straight bob is unquestionable. Apart from all these, you can enjoy a sassy wet look with your bob being waved and shiny.

These 23 bob length hairstyles can inspire you even more!

1- Bob Length Hairstyle

Bob Length Hairtyle, Bob One Length Short

2- Lily Collins Hair

Lily Collins Hair, Bob Chin Blunt Length

3- Blonde Hair Blunt Cut

Blonde Hair Blun Cut, Bob One Short Length

4- Casual Bob Length Hairstyle

Casual Bob Length Hairtyle, Bob Bobs Short Length

5- Jaw Length Bob Hair

Jaw Length Bob Hair, Bob Length Layered Brown

6- Fun Pink on Grey Tousled Mane

Balayage Hair Blonde Short

7- Blonde Side Swept

Bob Length Hair Back

8- Thick Messy Bob

Bob Thick Shaggy Brunette

9- Layered Inverted Cut

Lob Bob Choppy Angled

10- Ellen Wille Pointy End with Soft Bangs

Short Bobs Bob Hairtyles

11- Shoulder Touch Stacked Tress

Blonde Bob Balayage Bobs

12- Blue Tinge for Innovative Look

Bob Choppy Black Lob

13- Chestnut Brown

Short Hair Bob Front

14- Neck length Back and Shoulder Length Front Mild Waves

Choppy Bob Caramel Length

15- Asymmetrical Ombre

Length Bob Choppy Medium

16- Shiny Brown Beachy Waves

Bob Wavy Inverted Length

17- Blonde Thick Casual Hairdo

Blonde Bob Shaggy Choppy

18- Choppy Same Length Bob

Blonde Bob Choppy Ash

19- Chin Length Straight Round Bob with Bangs

Blonde Bob Bobs Straight

20- Middle Parted Charming Haircut for Oblong Face

Cara Huntington Silky Beauty

21- Dark Maroon Square Shape

Bob Blunt Hairtyles Angled

22- Blonde on Black Patterned Style

Pixie Bob Length Stacked

23- Side Parted Symmetrical Brunnette Toned Black Mane

Bob Collarbone Blunt Length


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