23 Long Inverted Bob Hairstyles


The shape of the face, the height of the forehead, the size of the nose, the shape of the face, the hairstylist takes into account to create a haircut adapted to our morphology. Follow the guide to find the one that suits you.

1-Long Inverted Bob Hairtyle

Long inverted bob hair is a hairstyle adopted by women and men of all times but whose popularity and social significance changes according to cultures and eras. In some Western cultures, a woman with hair in her neck, for example, may be recognized as having no long hair while a man with the same length of hair will be perceived as having long hair. Hair length plays a social role as a sign of integration or rebellion against norms.


Long Inverted Bob Hairtyle, Bob Choppy Balayage Inverted

To grow hair faster, it is important to understand the life of the hair. It grows through its root, which develops under the scalp in a tiny envelope called the hair follicle. It emerges from the root by the papilla, located at the base of the root and through which the blood arrives and feeds it. It is therefore “the raw material” that contains the blood that will allow the hair to grow.

2-Balayage and Ombre

Balayage and Ombre, Balayage Hair Bob Long

It has been scientifically proven that hair does not grow at the same speed depending on the season. Indeed, it is in summer that the growth is the fastest. The hair has a significant fall rate in autumn and a little less marked in the spring. It is better to cut your hair in early spring so they are lighter during this season and grow faster in the summer.

3-Thick Hair


Thick Hair, Bob Hairtyles Hair Lob

This old misconception is very true. When you change your hair color oftenly, it causes a blood flow in the head that spreads in the roots. This blood stimulation causes a more vigorous shoot, but the pear is not really the most comfortable solution. Take care when you renew your hair.

4-Platinum Blonde Bob

Platinum Blonde Bob, Hair Blonde Bob Bobs

5-Dark Brown Inverted Bob

Dark Brown Inverted Bob, Bob Hairtyles Parted Hair


Hair Balayage Bob Caramel


Blonde Bob Angled Bobs


Bob Hair Choppy Inverted


Hair Balayage Length Inverted


Blonde Balayage Layered Hair


Bob Inverted Hair Long


Bob Blonde Bobs Long


Hair Balayage Bob Long


Bob Long Hair Layered


Bob Bobs Bronde Stacked


Bob Hairtyles Angled Hair


Bob Long Hairtyles Hair


Bob Angled Layered Inverted


Hair Burgundy Balayage Bob


Bob Hair Long Length


Bob Brown Blonde Balayage


Bob Hair Balayage Blonde


Blonde Balayage Bob Lob


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