24 Ombre Bob Hairstyles


“Ombré” meaning is “half colored, shadow, shade” in french. We heard this word in recent years too much. And now this style really trendy. We bring 24 Ombre Bob Hairstyles for you to decide. If you wanr to join new trends, these modern and stylish bob haircut styles are really cool and pretty ideas for you. You can try balyaged or soft ombre color with wavy bobs, layered and blunt cuts. We offer soft ombre colored bob for straight hair type. But of course, you can examine these pictures, then you can make your own decision. Let’s take a look these beautiful bob hairstyles:

1. Casual Balyaged Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Best Ombre Bob Hairstyles


2. Blonde Ombre Bob Hair

Cool Blonde Ombre Bob

3. Long Blunt Bob Haircut with Ombre

Long Bob Haircut with Ombre

4. Trendy Long Bob Haircut Ombre

Trendy Bob Haircut Ombre


5. Short Bob Haircut Ombre Style

Short Bob Haircut Ideas Ombre


6. Short Straight Bob Balyaged Ombre

Short Bob Balyaged Ombre Style


7. Charming Wavy Ombre Bob

Wavy Ombre Bob Hairstyles

8. Soft Wavy Shoulder Length Ombre Bob

Soft Wavy Ombre Bob Hairstyles

9. Cute Ombre Bob Back View

Cute Ombre Bob Hairstyles

10. Straight Ombre Short Bob

Straight Ombre Bob Style


11. Short Ombre Bob Wavy Style Side View

Short Ombre Bob Wavy Style Look


12. Ombre Long Wavy Bob Style

Ombre Long Bob Style Ideas

13. Trendy Ombre Bob Style with Wavy Ends

Trendy Ombre Bob Style

14. Dark Red Ombre Bob Style

Red Ombre Bob Hairstyles

15. Balyage Ombre Stacked Bob Style

Balyage Ombre Bob Hairstyles

16. Curly Wavy Ombre Pinned Bob Style

Curly Wavy Ombre Bob Style


17. Balyage with Ombre Wavy Bob Style

Balyage with Ombre Bob Style


18. Dark Hair Ombre Long Bob Style

Dark Hair Ombre Bob Style

19. Easy Layered Ombre Bob Style

Easy Ombre Bob Style


20. Ombre Side Swept Wavy Bob Style

Ombre Side Swept Bob Style

21. Ombre Stylish Short Bob Hair

Ombre Stylish Bob Hairstyles

22. Ombre Straight Bob Hairstyle

Ombre Straight Bob Hairstyles

23. Ombre Medium Wavy Bob Hair

Ombre Medium Bob Hairstyles

24. Dark Ombre Mid Length Bob Hair

Ombre Mid Length Bob Hairstyles



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