25 Best Blonde Long Bob Hairstyles


Have you heard the saying that goes “blondes have more fun”? Well, the chances of that are most likely high no matter who you are or what the color of your hair is. That is why we have compiled this list of the absolute best blonde colors for long bob hair just for you! This is for those of you who are just so tired of having the same boring long hair every day and want to just trim it for once. Though long hair can be gorgeous and it does take a long while to grow, it can be a nuisance at times, especially in that summer heat or when you need to rush in the morning or to get to an event and you have to do your hair; it could take hours! Aside from having just plain long hair, a color switch-up could be what you need. How about trying a new blonde color just for the sake of being adventurous and trying new things out? This is why we are here to help you! If you want an elegant look, you can create this by going for that long bob and having it dyed a beautiful ashy blonde or strawberry blonde if you would rather have some color with that blonde. You could even curl it for more effect! If you want something simple and that will stay out of your way – and your face – then you should just go for the long bob cut and you can part it straight down the middle and secure it with some pins! Having a bob has never been easier! This is how you can look fabulous with each passing day, so don’t forget to try these looks out!

1-Blonde Long Bob Hairtyle

Blonde Long Bob Hairtyle, Blonde Hair Makeup Lob

2-Wavy Lob

Wavy Lob, Blonde Hair Robbie Margot

3-Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde, Blonde Bob Balayage Ash

4-Fine Hair Lob Cut

Fine Hair Lob Cut, Bob Hair Bobs Blonde

5-Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, Hair Blonde Lawrence Light

6- Khloe Kardashian Blonde Hair

Hair Kardashian Bob Makeup

7- Long Wavy Bob cut

Blonde Bob Wavy Choppy

8- Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Blonde Hair Wavy Choppy

9- Straight Hairstyle

Hair Blonde Color Extensions

10- Blonde Long Bob Hair

Blonde Bob Balayage Choppy

11- Long Wavy Bob Hair

Bob Long Blonde Sunglasses

12- Blonde Balayage Hair

Hair Blonde Bob Rounded

13- Long Bob Cut

Bob Long Hair Length

14- Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Blonde Balayage Hair Color

15- Shoulder Lenght Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Balayage Blunt

16- Long Hairstyle

Blonde Bob Lob Long

17- Platinum Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Color Balayage

18- Long Ombre Hair

Blonde Bob Long Bobs

19- Balayage Hairstyle

Blonde Balayage Hair Bob

20- Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Balayage Color

21- Long Wavy Hair

Hair Long Bob Bobs

22- Blonde Style with Dark Roots

Blonde Balayage Hair Color

23- Balayage Long Bob Hair

Hair Blonde Balayage Color

24- Short Ombre Hair

Blonde Hair Short Balayage

25- Medium Length Hair

Hair Blonde Medium Length


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