25 Best Long Wavy Bob Hairstyles


Wavy hairstyles are the matchless ones that can be worn on any haircut starting from extra-short to very long. The long, wavy bob look is very big and will stay that way for a while, as we’re systemically seeing people move toward this easy-to-style look. Wavy long bob hairstyles are too feminine, too trendy and very hot. You can do any experiment with waves you like because they look beautiful with updos, braids and headbands. You can even combine these bob styles with straight bangs and unlike many other hairstyles they will still look incredibly pretty. Today we’ll indicate 25 Best Long Wavy Bob Hairstyles and will offer options.

1. Long Wavy Pink Bob Hairstyle

Best Long Wavy Bob Hairstyles

2. Long Bob Wavy Layered Hair

Chic Long Bob Wavy Hair

3. Wavy Long Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Wavy Long Balyage Bob Hairstyles

4. Red Long Wavy Bob Haircut

Long Wavy Red Bob Haircut

5. Emma Stone Blonde Long Wavy Bob

Blonde Long Wavy Bob Hair

6. Blonde Ombre Long Wavy Bob for Black Women

Best Blonde Ombre Long Wavy Bob

7. Long Wavy Brown Bob with Highlights

Long Wavy Brown Bob Hairstyles

8. Long Soft Wavy Nice Bob Style

Long Soft Wavy Nice Bob Hair

9. Wavy French Bob Hair

Wavy French Bob Hairstyles

10. Best Thick Wavy Black Bob

Best Thick Wavy Bob Hairstyles

11. Highlighted Wavy Long Bob

Highlighted Wavy Bob Hairstyles

12. Thick Dark Brown Wavy Long Bob

Thick Dark Brown Wavy Bob Hairstyles

13. Thick Platinum Blonde Wavy Blunt Bob

Thick Platinum Blonde Wavy Bob Hairstyles

14. Beyonce Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Beyonce Wavy Bob Hairstyles

15. Short Blonde Wavy Bob Hair Bangs

Best Short Wavy Bob Hair Bangs

16. Longer Wavy Bob Hair with Side Bangs

Longer Wavy Bob Hairstyles

17. Alexa Chung Wavy Bob with Bangs

Alexa Chung Wavy Bob Hairstyles

18. Chic Blonde Shoulder Length Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Best Chic Blonde Wavy Bob Hairstyle

19. Trendy Dark Brown Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Women

Trendy Dark Brown Wavy Bob Hairstyle

20. Short Shaggy Wavy Long Bob

Shaggy Wavy Long Bob Hairstyles

21. Beach Waves on Long Bob

Beach Waves Long Bob Hairstyles

22. Cute Medium Wavy Bob Haircut

Best Medium Wavy Bob Haircuts

23. Black Lady Medium Wavy Layered Bob Haircut

Black Ladies Medium Wavy Bob Haircuts

24. Emma Stone Long Copper Wavy Bob Haircut

Emma Stone Long Wavy Bob Haircuts

25. Jennifer Lawrence Blonde Wavy Long Bob Hairstyle

Best Jennifer Lawrence Wavy Long Bob Hairstyles


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