25 Medium Angled Bob Haircuts


Medium angled bobs can be your new twist bringer. Their capacity to make your appearacne noticeable is something any girl can scarcely ignore. Turns out, this is one of the most practised harstyles of all times. Angled bob can turn your look to be something highly adorable without staling you of that flirtious vibe.

Medium angled bobs can be that in-between choice when you’re puzzled about whether you should go with super pixie or long tress. This length is manageable and helps you get both fun and flirty look all the while. Besides, you can add colors to your medium anged bob in order to adorn it as a funkier version of yourself. We loved the emerald or redhead most for pairing your angled bob with. However, you can select of the hue to welcome an edgy look.

Finally, here are a few inspiration to meet your perfect partner to comply with different purposes.

1- Medium Angled Bob Haircut

Medium Angled Bob Haircut, Blonde Bob Layered Long

An easy feel is what this hairstyle offers primarily. It can be the ideal option for anyone who thinks angled bob demands lots of care. Because this very cut is going to remain in the same precise shape for the whole day. Undeniably, this masterpiece is determined to bring shine to your overall attitude.

2- Medium Angled Bob Hair

Medium Angled Bob Hair, Blonde Bob Angled Hair

3- Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob, Bob Length Medium Hair

4- Blonde Straight Hair

Blonde Straight Hair, Bob Short Length Angled

5- Thick Curly Angled Hair

Thick Curly Angled Hair, Curly Bob Brunette Brown

6- A Line Blonde

Bob Choppy Layered Gray

7- Middle Parted Black Shine

Hair Bob Angled Medium

8- Back and Front Short with Long Side Locks

Bob Blonde Bobs Balayage

9- Graduated Bob with Bangs

Bob Hair Angled Length

10- Edgy Short Dark haircut

Bob Angled Black Layered

11- Fancy Character Red Head

Hair Bob Red Short

12- Mild Waves on Striaght Hair

Brown Bob Choppy Lob

13- Long Front for Ravishing Charm

Bob Angled Black Hair

14- Shoulder Length Glamorous Brown Haircut

Bob Inverted Hairtyles Short

15- Thick Lob

Bob Hair Balayage Pixie

16- Stunning Golden Glam

Bob Angled Color Highlights

17- Dark and Light Brown

Bob Angled Hair Balayage

18- One Side Long

Bob Choppy Hair Angled

19- Blonde Long Waves with Black Roots

Blonde Lob Bob Wavy

20- Blue Hinted Dark Mane

Hair Color Short All

21- Shag Turned into Angle

Bob Blonde Long Choppy

22- Middle Part Ombre

Bob Thin Angled Length

23- Graduated Longer Bob

Bob Graduated Length Angled

24- Dark Auburn Brown

Brown Hair Balayage Bob

25- Brown Streak

Bob Layered Angled Bobs


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