25 New Bobs Hairstyles 2014 – 2015


Bob hairstyles are not a new entry in the world of haircuts. Bob hairstyles are in style for a long period.They have been very ancient and have always been adored and appreciated by women. As a matter of fact, many hairstyles are quite old but have been revolutionized with time. Same is the case with bob hairdos. Bob hairstyles have been modernized with the need of time and the new generation. They have been introduced with new cuts, edges and styles. Blunt and straight bob style has taken over the hearts of girls in quite a little time and same is with asymmetrical hairdo as well. Whether you have fine or thick hair, straight or curly, you’ll be sure to find a bob style custom made for you here. Therefore, due to the large scale progression of bob hairstyles we have come up with the best and most adorable bob hairstyle types for all girls. You can’t stop yourself from praising or admiring them since they have become very popular. In the gallery, we recommend 25 New Bobs Hairstyles 2014 – 2015. Just scroll down to take a glance at the most gorgeous bob hairdos of this time and I am sure you will love all of them.

1. Ombre Bob Hairstyle

New 2014 Bob Hairstyles


2. Kaley Cuoco’s Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Kaley Cuoco Bob Hairstyle 2014-2015

3. Best Bob Hairstyle for 2015

Best Bob Hair 2014


4. Chelsea Kane’s Bob Cut

Chelsea Kane Bob Cut 2014

5. New 2015 Bob Hairstyle

New 2015 Bob Hairstyles


6. Thick Curly Bob Hairstyle for 2014-2015

Thick Curly Bob Hairstyles 2014


7. New Bob Haircut 2015

New Bob Hair 2015


8. Blonde Bob with Platinum Highlights

Blonde with Platinum Highlights Bob


9. Best Short Bob Hair for 2015

Best Short Hair Trends 2014

10. New Trendy Bob Haircut for 2014-2015

New Trendy Bob Hair 2014-2015


11. Kate Beckinsale’s Straight Bob Hairstyle

Kate Beckinsale Bob Hairstyles

12. Caitlin Fitzgerald’s Shaggy Bob Hair

Caitlin Fitzgerald Bob Hair 2014-2015

13. Michelle Dockery’s Wavy Dark Red Bob Hair

Michelle Dockery Bob Hair 2015

14. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Thick Bob Hair

Gwyneth Paltrow Bob Hair

15. Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle with Fringe

Shoulder Length Mid Bob Hairstyles

16. Jourdan Dunn’s Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Jourdan Dunn Bob Hairstyles

17. Julianne Hough’s Wavy Bob Haircut

Julianne Hough Bob Haircut 2015

18. Karlie Kloss’s Bob Hairstyle with Fine Hair

Karlie Kloss Bob Hairstyles

19. Kelly Osbourne Bob Hairstyle with Blonde Bangs

Kelly Osbourne Bob Hairstyles 2014-2015

20. Rita Ora’s Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

Rita Ora Bob Hairstyles 2015

21. Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Short Blonde Bob Hairstyles 2014-2015

22. Emma Stone’s Ginger Bob Hairstyle

Emma Stone Bob Hairstyles 2015

23. Lauren Conrad’s Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Lauren Conrad Bob Hairstyles

24. Short Lavender Color with Bob Hair

Short Lavender Bob Hair

25. Chic Blonde Bob Hairstyle for 2015

Chic Blonde Bob Hairstyles 2014-2015



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