Fine Hair

25 Short Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

Female haircut for fine hair

Because when you have fine hair, you can not do everything on the cut side, here’s what you need to do no more to avoid weighing it down and flattening hair that lacks volume.

1-Short Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

– The bob haircut.

The longer hair, the heavier it is. And the heavier they are, the more positive their results are. Generally, girls with fine hair already have hair smooth and stiff, so unnecessary to accentuate the situation.

Short Bob Haircut for Fine Hair, Short Hair Straight Kylie

The idea is not to remove! Logic, you say. So, if you wanted to thin the points, forget.

– Permanently stops “brushings”.

2-Pixie Bob for Women

Pixie Bob for Women, Short Hair Bob Fine

Woman’s haircut for fine hair:

There are many haircuts that can create volume! So to gain thickness and give material to your mane, here are the cuts to focus.

– The degraded cut; if it is out of the question for you to wear a short haircut, you can opt for a mid-length cut provided you degrade the peaks as much as possible. This will give the hair spring and they will appear more voluminous.

– The structured square fine hair must imperatively be worked in structured cut. So we think of the diving square or the strict square.

– The pixie cut

This short haircut is ideal for giving back to the flatter hair. Play with a big wick that would cover your forehead with a wave movement.

3-Choppy Layered Short Bob

Choppy Layered Short Bob, Bob Short Bobs Blonde

5 tips to boost the volume of your  hair is a good ally to sublimate the hair but also give them depth thanks to the brilliant reflections it deposits on the hair. Coloring is also a good way to play on shades to create optical illusions. And if you do not want to radically change hair color, the locks are also a good appearence! In the shower, when you apply your shampoo, consider massaging your scalp to stimulate fine hair from the root, and give volume to the whole.

4-Cute Bob Style

Cute Bob Style, Bob Short Fine Blonde

5-Blonde Colored Front

Blonde Colored Front, Bob Short Hairtyles Layered


Bob Blonde Balayage Fine


Bob Short Fine Blunt


Short Bob Fine Blonde


Bob Blonde Short Fine


Bob Short Fine Balayage


Short Fine Choppy Blonde


Hair Bob Short Fine


Bob Blonde Fine Bobs


Blonde Bob Pixie Short


Bob Layered Bobs Short


Pixie Bob Short Fine


Bob Short Choppy 20


Short Bob Hair Bobs


Short Bob Hair Hairtyles


Short Hair Bob Styles


Hair Haircuts Bob Fine


Bob Silver Blonde Balayage


Bronde Bob Short Fine


Pixie Choppy Bob Fine


Hair Bob Short Hairtyles

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