30 Dark Bob Hairstyles


Bob hair cuts are powerful and can turn your look into something too flat to sooo glam. Whereas you may see different types of bobs, we prefer the ones done on dark hair. They are visually appealing and can endow the wearer with a perfectly changed and strong personality.

By dark, we mean darker shades of any color, be it black, brown or grey or plum. The thing is, you enjoy the freedom to choose from thousands of colors belonged to darker shades for the impactful outcome. To proceed with the idea, you may find the selection little bit tricky. So, here are 30 dark bob hairstyles to smoothen your way to find the best and most attractive one.

1- Dark Bob Hairstyle

Dark Bob Hairtyle, Bob Dark Hair Styles

Parting your mane into two, you can let them be somewhat wavy, basically in a wider way, to get a voluminous look.

2- Dark Roots Grey Ombre Short Hair

Dark Roots Grey Ombre Short Hair, Short Bob Choppy Purple

This one is literally a head turner. The ombre effect from darker to grey variation looks genuinely striking on your loosely made waves.

3- Brunette Lob

Brunette Lob, Hair Bob Dark Styles

On your wavy shoulder length lob, a precisely imprinted brunette hue can take your glamor to the next level. This one is low maintenance, and hence, you can attend different events will this same hairstyle in no time.

4- Dark Plum Hair Color

Dark Plum Hair Color, Bob Hair Plum Hairtyles

5- Dark Brown Lob with Waves

Dark Brown Lob with Waves, Brunette Bob Medium Length

6- Lucy Hale’s Black Choppy hair

Lucy Bob Dark Some

7- Dakota Johnson’s Wispy Bangs

Short World Jimin Kpop

8- Side Swept Happy Apperance

Bob Hair Length Medium

9- Long Bob Dark hair

Brunette Bob Lob Dark

10- Magnificient Side View

Bob Choppy Black Jagged

11- Auburn Thick Waves

Chocolate Brown Bronde Bob

12- Blue Brown Gorgeous Hairdo

Layered Length Color Shoulder

13- Celebrity Outing Look

Bob Dark Beauty Kardashian

14- Long Pixie Paired with Dark Lipstick

Dark Hair Short Bob

15- Sparkling Effortless Waves

Bob Choppy Lob Dark

16- Brunntte Touch Up

Bob Layered Brown Dark

17- Badass Look with Fringes

Dark Up Eyes Bright

18- Mila Kunis Glossy Glow

Short Hair Bob Hairtyles

19- Africal Americal Special Straight Tress

Bob Front Black Women

20- Desperate Look

Bob Hair Dark Styles

21- Nitid Side Swept

Hair Bob Short Bobs

22- Brown Highlights

Balayage Brunette Bob Wavy

23- Cute Feminine Vibe

Bob Side Choppy Bangs

24- Eye Catching Hairstyle for Classy Women

Dark Short Red Cute

25- Encahnting Unkepmt Variation

Bob Short Choppy Dark

26- Brilliance at Every Bit

27- Bluish Ends

28- Quick Fashionable Cut

29- Simple and Timeless

30- Sophistication at Peak


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