30 Medium Bob Haircuts


Do you know bobs are the ideal haircut for ladies with medium length hair? We mean this is the rule of length! You cannot go for a bob with a skin touch hair nor can you do layers on them. And therefore, when it comes to a bob haircut, like us, many fashion loving ladies prefer to have it on their medium sized mane.

So, whenever you will be planning to alter your looks for a more gorgeous and enthralling appearance, this one is the ideal choice you would find in the hairstyle industry. And for your information, it is not limited to any two or three types, a whole lot is available with multiple variations in shape, color and texture.

Make it wavy and you’ll add some definite dimension. Want a perky and fun glam? Try natural highlights on your A line. Bouncy looks with some amazing hair dye are perfect for matching the seasonal theme. Other than these, you can accent your beauty with sparkling dark brown roots. Cozy curly asymmetrical style is also effective for a little more edgy look.

The following 30 medium bob hairstyles are sure to inspire you more!

1- Medium Bob Haircut

Medium Bob Haircut, Brown Balayage Bob Kim

2- Layered Medium Bob

Layered Medium Bob, Hair Haircuts Layered Drammatic

3- Blonde Medium Angled Bob Haircut

Blonde Medium Angled Bob Haircut, Bob Bronde Blonde Medium

4- Layered Inverted Lob Haircuts

Layered Inverted Lob Haircuts, Bob Lob Choppy Bobs

5- Neck Length Straight Bob Hairtyles

Neck Length Straight Bob Hairtyles, Bob Straight Blonde Balayage

6- Blonde over Black

Bob Layered Short Layers

7- Red Balayage on Brunnette

Bob Layered Caramel Balayage

8- Side Swept Front

Bob Short Medium Blowout

9- Layered Shot

Bob Hair Caramel Layered

10- Green Hint on Grey Choppy Cut

Bob Medium Bobs Grazing

11- Stacked Bob

Bob Balayage Bronde Medium

12- Chin length Choppy Bob

Bob Choppy Hair Hairtyles

13- White Hair with Dark Roots

Bob Blonde Balayage Medium

14- Side Swept High Wave on Front Head

Hairtyles Hair Short Bob

15- Charming Look with Bangs

Hairtyles Medium Length Hair

16- Line Bob with Highlights

Bob Highlights Hair Line

17- Angled Bob for Sultry Look

Bob Blonde Layers Layered

18- Casual Hairdo

Bob Brown Length Medium

19- Shoulder Length Balayage Loose Curls

Wavy Highlights Caramel Bob

20- Medium Wavy Blonde with Front Fringes

Blonde Balayage Hair Bob

21- Black Shag

Ear Bob Earrings Cuff

22- Platinum Gorgeous Look

Bob Medium Shag Short

23- Caramel Highlights

Brown Bob Hair Highlights

24- Green Funky yet Attractive Vibe

Bob Hairtyles Hair Short

25- Striking Hairdo for Fall

Bob Short Choppy Hairtyles

26- Enchanting Magical Effect

27- Brown Tinged

28- Sleek and Shiny

29- Stacked Blonde

30- Formal as well as Party Look


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