30 New Bobs Hairstyles 2014 – 2015


The bob haircut is a classic among haircuts. People love wearing the bob style most probably because the style is plain but not square, short but still variable. At the present time, you have to add to the bob hairstyle the all-out bevelled side hair. Not every hair feature is suitable for the bob style. The bob is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world because it is so easy to create and maintain. Over the years, the hair length has become more varied and may now range from earlobe- to shoulder-length. This means that you can optimally adapt the style to the proportions of your face. Be inspired by these 30 New Bobs Hairstyles 2014 – 2015 before you go for the chop.

1. Best Bobbed Hair 2014

Best Bobbed Hairstyles 2014

2. Hair Messy Bob 2014

New Hair Bobs 2014

3. Choppy Bob Hairdo 2014

Choppy Bobs Hairstyles 2014

4. Wavy Bob Style Cut 2014

Wavy Bob Styles 2014

5. Choppy Bob Idea 2014

Choppy Bob Styles Ideas 2014


6. Stacked Bob Style for Women 2015

Stacked Bob Styles Ideas 2014


7. Long Bob Style 2014 – 2015

Long Bob Inverted Styles 2014


8. Bob Short Cut

Bob Short Hair Styles 2014


9. Long Angled Bob Style Side View

Long Angled Bob Hair Styles 2014


10. New Bob Style Back Look

New Bobs Styles Back View 2014


11. Thick Bob Style and Back Look

Thick Bobs Styles and Back Look 2014

12. New Red Bob Style

New Red Bobs Cut Styles 2014

13. New Dark Bob Style

New Dark Bobs Hair Styles 2014

14. Dark Bob Style Back View

Dark Bobs Styles Back View 2014

15. Wavy Layered Bob Back Look

Wavy Layered Bobs Styles Back Look 2014


16. Wavy Layered Bob Cutest Cut

Wavy Layered Bobs Hair Cut 2014

17. Layered Nice Bob Cut View

Layered Nice Bobs Cut Ideas 2014

18. Blunt Bob Cut and Bangs

New Blunt Bobs Cut 2014

19. Wavy Bob Cut Idea 2015

Wavy Bobs Cut for 2014

20. Highligthed Bob Color 2014

Highligthed Bobs Cut Ideas 2014


21. Blonde Highligthed Bob with Bangs Cut 2014

Blonde Highligthed Short Bobs Cut 2014


22. New Bob Hairstyle for Women 2014-2015

New Bobs Hairstyles for 2014-2015


23. Thick Wavy Bob Hair Idea for 2015

Thick Wavy Bobs Hairstyles for 2014-2015

24. Straight Bob Hairstyle for 2014-2015 Women

Straight Bobs Hairstyles for 2014-2015

25. Side Swept Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Side Swept Bobs Hairstyles for 2014-2015

26. Thin Side Bob Hairstyle for 2015

Thin Bobs Hairstyles for 2014-2015

27. Best Bob Hairstyle Cut for 2014-2015

Best Bobs Hairstyles for 2014-2015


28. Platinum Bob Hairstyle Idea for 2014-2015

Platinum Bobs Hairstyles for 2014-2015


29. Chopped Bob Trendy Hairstyle for 2015

Chopped Bobs Hairstyles for 2014-2015

30. Casual Bob Hairstyle Look for 2015

Casual Bob Hairstyles for 2014-2015



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