30 Short Layered Bob Hairstyles


Everyone has those days on which they are indecisive about which hairstyle they would like to wear. Most people go for the long hairstyles while others prefer the short ones. You can have so many hairstyles done for any type of hair length or color at all and they all look so unique. This is why choosing one is so difficult; you would never know which one to go for! However, if you are experiencing the heat of summer, or if you would just like to have this hairstyle, you could go for a short style. There are endless amounts of short hairstyles for you to choose from and we know how difficult this can be. That is why we have created this list of cute layered bob styles for short hair just for you so that you can look amazing this summer or spring! If you want something really simple you could just have a bob cut done – short of course – and you could just tell whoever is doing your hair to layer it for you instead of making clean cuts or snips! An edgier version of this short layered bob hairstyle would be to have a somewhat long pixie cut but also short, having that bob effect. You could layer is and have some cool highlights added and maybe even a fringe cut if you wanted! If you want something really plain and simple, you could just go for that plain layered short bob and style it with a few pieces of hair against your face. So, now you know where to find those cut hairstyles for when you want to style your bob in a layered way!

1-Short Layered Bob Hairtyle

Short Layered Bob Hairtyle, Layered Short Bob Silver

2-Layered Short Bob

Layered Short Bob, Hair Bob Short Hairtyles

3-Cute Whispy Bangs

Cute Whispy Bangs, Bob Choppy Short Layered

4-Stacked Hair

Stacked Hair, Bob Layered Short Brown

5-Older Women Haircut

Older Women Haircut, Bob Short Layered Hair

6- Stacked Layered Bob

Short Pixie Hair Choppy

7- Bronde Hair

Bronde Bob Short Medium

8- Messy Hair

Bob Blonde Layered Short

9- Bob with Bangs

Hair Bob Short 20

10- Black Bob Haircut

Bob Layered Black Women

11- Short Layered Hair

Bob Blonde Choppy Chopped

12- Layered Blonde Hair

Short Layered Balayage Bob

13- Round Bob

Layered Bob Short Blonde

14- Stacked Bob Hair

Bob Caramel Layered Short

15- Layered Curly Style

Bob Length Chin Layered

16- Straight Hair

Bob Choppy Bronde Short

17- Short Style

Blonde Bob Layered Short

18- Messy Hairstyle

Short Brown Balayage Shag

19- Layered Bob

Length Layered Bob Black

20- Bob Cut with Layers

Bob Bobs Layered Layers

21- Shaggy Haircut

Layered Bob Brown Choppy

22- Layered Hair

Blonde Bob Layered Balayage

23- Layered Bob

Short Bob Layered Hairtyles

24- Fine Hair

Short Bob Hairtyles 60

25- Cute Bob Cut

Bob Short Layered Hairtyles

26- Layered Blonde Bob

27- Stacked Bob

28- Bob Cut with Volume

29- Messy Haircut



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