40 Best Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles


Do you know your shoulder length bob can make you gorgeous and trendy? In fact, this hairstyle is perceived as the most stylish and modern that can flourish your personality to your peers. Let’s celebrate your identical personality by making shoulder length bob hairstyle.

Also, you can add bangs or French tips on that style. Or you can dye your hair according to your taste. Let us add one more suggestion here.  You can ombre on your shoulder length hair and surprisingly, it can turn into the perfect hairstyle that will tell your signature look.

1- Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Bob Hairtyle, Hair Bob Long Beauty

This gorgeous shoulder length blonde hairstyle is perfect to be the dream hairstyle of any trendy young lady.

2- Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage, Blonde Bob Bobs Balayage

How stunning it looks! A great idea for trying on your grey hair.

3- Asymmetric Lob

Asymmetric Lob, Hair Length Shoulder Medium

The most modern and hip hop style is the asymmetric bob. Young ladies are its number one fan. They prefer it over any other style.

4- Thick Wavy Hair

Thick Wavy Hair, Hair Length Shoulder Bob

5- Fine Straight Hair

Fine Straight Hair, Hair Blonde Length Straight

6- Straight or Loose Wavy hair

7- Shoulder Length Blonde

Hair Length Shoulder Medium

8- Side Swept soft Front bangs

Hair Face Shape Bob

9- Mild Brown Sassy Look Side View

Bob Hair Wavy Length

10- Lily Collins Medium Straight Hair

Length Shoulder Beautiful Lily

11- Big Brunette Curls

Hair Balayage Length Brown

12- Shoulder Length Layered Hair

Hair Brown Shag Shoulder

13- Blonde and Black Ombre

Hair Bob Blonde Ombre

14- Side Parted Charming Look

Bob Long Haircuts Olivia

15- Platinum Blonde Side View

Blonde Bob Bobs Bone

16- Balayage Soft Wavy Mane

Hair Wavy Length Thick

17- Blunt Shoulder Length Brown Hair

Hair Bob Blunt Color

18- Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

Blonde Lob Bobs Straight

19- Long Bob Haircut 2018

Bob Length Shoulder Hair

20- Sassy Celebrity Look

Bob Hair Hairtyles Mid

21- Tinge of Brown on Black

Bob Hair Brown Choppy

22- Middle Parted Straight Blonde for Cute Look

Hair Bob Long Length

23- Rose Gold Highlights on Blonde Messy Wavy Hair

Hair Blonde Gold Length

24- Middle Parted Asymmetrical Hair

Hair Length Shoulder All

25- Layered Brunette Bob

Hair Medium Length Layered

26- Classic Bob

27- Shaggy Medium Wavy Hair

28- Grey Loose wavy Mane

29- Casual Shoulder Length Wavy Blonde

30- Sophisticated Look

31- Fashionable black Hairstyle with Front Bangs

32- Golden Glowing hair Rear View

33- Medium Length Lob

34- Black and Brown Mix

35- Middle Parted Dark Hair

36- Fine Asymmetrical Blonde

37- Platinum Blonde

38- Natural Wavy Look

39- Balayage Straight Long Bob

40- Cool and Charismatic


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