40 Bob New Hairstyles 2018


While clipping the hair seems intimidating to girls with long hair, you can’t ignore the fact that ladies with short hair look comparatively hotter. So, in case, you’re also looking to change your hairstyle as a seasonal makeover or targeting a new occasion, why not try a bob haircut? Because, in these days, bob hairstyles have become trendy and top of the fashion among ladies.

In fact, celebrities are also opting for this haircut and getting that sassy look! Whereas Amanda Brugel tries a shiny blunt bob with long, layered bangs that covers her eyebrows, Bebe Rexha adopts the choppy cut. Other renowned hollywood lead actresses who experimented with its variations are Elizabeth Debicki, Nina Dobrev, Sibley Scoles and so on…we may fall short of fingers! :p

Granted, bob cuts demand a lot of attention to remain in good condition, especially if you’ve paired it with bangs. But, since you can get a textured as well as voluminous look with these hairstyles, spending a few quality times on maintaining them would be rewarding!

So, what type of bob you should try? We know, it’s confusing to choose between hundreds of bob variations. While deep-parted bob with smooth edges gives you a polished look, it’s hard to resist the temptation for wearing a ultra-short hair with S-waves which you can complement with a thick layer of piece-y fringe. Both of them have different appeal and charisma.

However, we have to anchor our sail somewhere, meaning that, we’ve to end up picking one haircut. So, let’s have a look at 40 bob new hairstyles below that are reigning the hearts of lot of people in 2018. A prior thought can help you reach the conclusion with the most suitable selection.

1-Bob Hairstyle 2018

Bob Hairtyles 2018, Bob Blonde Balayage Lob

This hairstyle is perfect for sophisticated look. Attend the party pairing it with your best outfit and you’ll keep shimmering. Expect turned heads every time you pass your beholders with sweet compliments from the admirers. Keep the glamour intact throughout the day, make sure you spritz some hairspray on your hair.

2-Angled Bob Hair

Angled Bob Hair, Bob Hair Long Women

3-Medium Hair

Medium Hair, Raquel Hair Hairtyles Trend

4-Balayage Bob Hair

Balayage Bob Hair, Hair Balayage Bob Highlights

5-Brunette to Blonde Short Hair

Brunette to Blonde Short Hair, Bob Balayage Blonde Messy

6- Must try Hottest Bob

Bob Angled Balayage Hair

7- Light Brown hair Balayage

Balayage Hair Color Brown

8- Glossy Fine Hair

Blonde Bob Thin Choppy

9- Cute Shoulder Length Blonde Middle Part Hair

Hair Bob Women Hairtyles

10- Asymmetrical Sensual Short Messy Haircut

Bob Angled Layered Wispy

11- Short Hair Color Idea

Bob Pixie Color Brunette

12- Medium Length Side Parted Glamorous Hair

Bob Modern Trendy Layers

13- Short Bob for More Volume on Fine Hair

Bob Blonde Layered Fine

14- Fantastic and Cool Red Wavy Short Hairstyle

Layered Hairtyles Brown Chocolate

15- Impressive Bob with Side Bangs

Blonde Bob Bobs Short

16- Long Blonde and Black Mix Bob with Bangs

Bob Shaggy Balayage Choppy

17- One Length Bob

Bob Length Layered Brown

18- Sexy Bob with Bangs 2018

Short Choppy Bob Hair

19- Graduated Bob Haircut

Bob Inverted Graduated Blowout

20- Short Hair Warrior Hairstyle

Bob Bronde Balayage Ombre

21- Angled Blue Straight Hairstyle

Hair Bob Blue Black

22- Stunning Pointed End Bob Haircut

Bob Blonde Short Layered

23- Black Under the Blonde

Bob Blonde Length Layered

24- Violet and Black Beautiful Combination on Angled Bob

Bob Length Type Trendy

25- Asymmetrical Bob 2018

Blonde Balayage Hair Asymmetrical

26- Edgy Bob Hairstyle 2018

Bob Hair Balayage Brown

27- Balayage Brunette Long Bob

Bob Wig Hair Black

28- Balayage Short Brown hair

Balayage Hair Brown Bob

29- Wavy Medium Length Hair

Hair Short Bobs Layered

30- Thick Black and Blonde Haircut

Bob Bronde Layered Balayage

31- Wavy Stacked Medium Short hair

Hair Brown Balayage Bob

32- Side Parted Short Blonde

Short Hair Bob Haircuts

33- Sassy Short Haircut Side View

Hair Bob Layered Haircuts

34- Red Head Bob

35- Brunette Bob on Thick Volume

36- Silver Blonde Side View

37- Asymmetrical Kinda Messy Bob

38- Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

39- Bob with Fringe in Black Hair

40- Perfectly Even Bob


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