Amazing Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face


We have a wide variety of choices of flattering bob haircuts that we have compiled for you. Asymmetrical bob hairstyles for round faces are at the top of fashion as of now. Most women are anticipating of cutting their hair short but they are afraid how they will eventually look, but hey you will look absolutely great with short hair. Hairstyles for round faces used to be difficult to encounter but nowadays we have several of them that we recommend for our clients with short hair. The solution to a great haircut and style for that kind of a face is to create the illusion of length by applying bob cuts with angles and colors that are shiny and will create height at the crown. Join us we walk you through our gallery for great ideas you will love.

1. Layered Blonde Bob Haircut

This hairstyle gives the impression of volume and length to a round face. It  uses long hair to give an impression of length and short hair for volume, and it is easy to manage. Here hair is arranged into layers with layers growing near the crown cut short than layers below and hence allows both  layers to blend in.

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face

2. Good Choppy Haircut for Rounded Face

Here you will find that the haircut has choppy jagged ends and a multi-layered dimension and has shattered lively effect. And this hairstyle currently is the most sort after trend by celebrities, women leaders and anyone who wants to try new things. You simply can’t afford to miss this brilliant idea of an inspiring look for any season.

Rounded Face Bob Haircuts

3. Wavy Layered Bob Hairstyle for Rounded Face

The wavy layered hairstyle is a popular hairstyle which has curls laid down to form layers. When you have a round face this hairstyle is recommended for you due to your facial features and the corresponding hairstyle. Have a look` at this hairstyle and you will attest that its really great choice to have.

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Face

4. Simple Bob Style

Bob Haircuts Rounded Face

5. Chin Length Bob Hairstyle

Bob Hair for Rounded Face

6. Girl with Short Wavy Hair

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-6

7. Modern Bob

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-7

8. Short Blonde Curly Bob Hair

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-8

9. Dianna Agron Short Hair

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-9

10. Back View of A Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-10

11. Mid Length Hair Trend

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-11

12. Lob Cut

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-12

13. Cool Bob Style

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-13

14. Saoirse Ronan Bob Hair

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-14

15. Chunky Blonde Lights for Brunette Ladies

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Face-15


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