Amazing Graduated Bob Haircuts for Ladies


Graduated and angled bob hairstyles are the most appealing and eye-catching bob haircuts for women. You can change your whole look by asking your hair stylist to add some angled style to your bob.  Angled styles are suitable for almost every face shape but it is a great idea for round face shape because the angled style and longer strands make the look slimmer.

1. Bob Cut for Black Hair

Dark graduated bob hairstyle with light layering is perfect for fine hair type, it will make you look slimmer and eye-catching too!

Graduated Bob Haircuts


2. Graduated Bob Hairstyle

Here is a dark graduated bob with dark purple highlights, it is the perfect style for women with thick hair and medium skin tone.

Graduated Bob Hairstyles

3. Layers and Graduated Bob Hair Cut

Slightly layered hairstyle for fine and thin hair is the best solution for ladies who like some texture and volume for their hairstyle.

Graduated Bob Hair Cuts

4. Peek A Boo Hair

Pastel pink color shows itself among platinum hair color with the little help of the inverted haircut and layering.

Graduated Bob Hair Stlyes

5. Shaggy Graduated Haircut

Shaggy pixie bob with messy style and dark hair color all together create really cool and casual style, it is perfect for young women.

Graduated Haircuts

6. Krissa Fowles Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts-6

7. 2017 Trend

Graduated Bob Haircuts-7

8. Blonde Sombre

Graduated Bob Haircuts-8

9. Short Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts-9

10. Wavy Hair

Graduated Bob Haircuts-10

11. Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Graduated Bob Haircuts-11

12. Short Medium Hair Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts-12

13. Curly Hairstyle

Graduated Bob Haircuts-13

14. Pixie Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts-14

15. Unique Style

Graduated Bob Haircuts-15


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